Two-room 50-sq-m flat's design, Ukraine

2 February 2016 |

Interior design of this Ukrainian flat is a perfect example of how to create stylish, bright and spacious dwelling upon a small budget and poor space.

The authors of this beautiful design of two-room flat are Formaline Studio architects. It took them about a year to complete the project.

The owners of the flat are a couple of two young people. The area makes up 50 sq.m. The flat is on the 10th floor of the new building in Lvov, Ukraine.

The flat had a great advantage – splendid view through the windows. The owners wanted to integrate the view into the interior design of this two-room flat. They also ordered a hidden sleeping area and much storage.

дизайн интерьера двухкомнатной квартиры

дизайн кухни в двухкомнатной квартире

дизайн двухкомнатной фото

The budget was pretty low so it was decided to use minimalism in the interior design without many details and decor elements.

Before finishing work the flat had undergone extensive redesign. The architects demolished nearly all partition walls and used floor covering and furniture items for zoning.

After the alteration the central area of the flat became one large space joining a living area, a dining area, a kitchen, a hall and a balcony. The architects also combined a bathroom and a toilet into one spacious room located on the right from the entry.

дизайн интерьера двухкомнатной квартиры фото

дизайн квартир фото двухкомнатных

дизайн квартиры 50 кв м

The balcony was glazed from floor to ceiling. It was turned into a small but very cozy lounge area.

The bedroom was placed to the niche that appeared after reconstruction. When necessary, the room is separated from the rest of space by the wooden sliding doors. The bed itself is a hanging construction.

дизайн двухкомнатной дизайн квартиры 50 кв м фото

дизайн квартиры двухкомнатной фото

There is no traditional place for TV-area in the living room. There is a soft couch, a coffee table and the owners’ collection of hobby items.

Storage was provided in three spacious sliding-door wardrobes. One of them with the mirror fronts is in the hall. The rest of them are in the lounge area, on both sides of the bed.

дизайн квартиры двухкомнатной

дизайн малогабаритной двухкомнатной кватиры фото

дизайн малогабаритной двухкомнатной кватиры

As the area is small, the walls and the ceiling are painted white that is a perfect choice for this type of premises. The designers selected black and dark-grey as contrast colors. But  В качестве контрастного цвета дизайнеры выбрали черный и темно-серый. The whole interior is warmed up with the dark wood flooring.

All furniture items in this two-room flat were made according to the individual sketches of the developers. Lighting elements, decor and textile were also made by designers from Formaline Studio.

дизайн ремонта двухкомнатной кватиры

двухкомнатная квартиры дизайн фото

двухкомнатная квартиры дизайн

дизайн проект двухкомнатной кватиры фото

Photo: Mikhail Melnichenko

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