Transformer-interior of flat in Russia

31 May 2016 |

We’d like to show you unique interior with a smart design that can be changed by the owner’s wish in a split second.

The author of this design-project in Tula (Russia) is Russian architect Vlad Mishin. He made transforming interior on the area of 62 square meters.

“A great place for playing hide-and-seek“, that’s how the designer called the flat on his social media page.

The key element of the design is the multifunctional wall that is used by the owner of the flat to build space according to his needs. This partition construction serves as a kitchen, a TV-area, and a library.

neobychny dizain interiera kvartiri

dizain interiera kvartiri

oroginalny dizain interiera kvartiri

When the partition wall is opened, there is a spacious and cozy space created. But as soon as a part of the construction is closed, the flat is divided into zones.

The wall is made of the metal frame and plywood sheets. Unusual form of the construction is a true embellishment of the whole interior design and bears the main functional load.

Bookshelves and a TV-set are placed in the smaller part of this wonder-wall. It turns along its axis, so the owner can enjoy his favorite movie either in the bedroom, or in the living-room, or in the kitchen.

dizain interiera kvartiri gostinaya

interiera kvartiri gostinaya

The second bigger element of the wall is a static partition between the living-room and the bedroom. It contains an equipped kitchen area. To cook lunch or supper you need only to open several wooden folding panels that move apart considerably saving the space.

A fridge stands in a separate niche; the construction is ended with the door to the water closet. The owner can enter the bedroom from the water closet through the aisle in the wall.

The unique space is not only in the living-room, but also in the snow-white bedroom which is located on the other side of the partition. Sleeping place is installed on podium, and the entrance door to the bathroom is made in the one of a spacious wardrobe leaves. A working zone is near the window of this space.

neobycnhuy dizain interiera spalny

dizain interiera kabinet

Strict geometric lines are diluted with bright color accents of turquoise and yellow. This brings expressiveness and coziness to the unique interior.

Vlad Mishin’s purpose was to create a multifunctional living space with minimal set of furniture and accessories. It seems that he did his best and the flat is rather original and unique. But we’re very interested how often the owners replace these partitions and whether it is convenient in their everyday life.

dizain interiera kvartiri mebel

Photo: Vlad Mishin

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