Underwater restaurant design on Maldives

Splendid restaurant interior for thrillseekers, romantics and true gourmets.

Subsix restaurant is a part of Per Aquum Niyama hotel network. It was built under six meters of Indian ocean water in Dhaalu Atoll.

Subsix was opened for visitors in spring 2015. Formerly there was the first world underwater night club but three years later the owners of the resort decided to make renovation and created this wonderful restaurant.

ресторан мальдивы

дизайн ресторанов и кафе фото

The main guests’ entertainment is a stunning view to the ocean landscape. This is the only way to enjoy beauties of the coral reef without diving suit, mask and oxygen.

The architects and authors of the restaurant design is Singapore-based architectural firm Poole Associates.

дизайн ресторанов и кафе

дизайн ресторанов фото

The restaurant was build 500 meters from the coastline. The guests get there by speed-boats. The premise can be accessed by three level spiral stairs.

The restaurant design, of course, features ocean theme. Multi-deck ceiling is decorated with thousands threads of pearl shells. They are thick and refined, creating the feeling of algae waving at the bottom of the ocean.

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторанов

дизайн интерьера ресторанов

The perimeter of the hall features a series of columns that are decorated with silver panels mimicking devilfish gills.

The counter top of the bar is made in the form of seashell that reflects illumination. The bar itself is equipped with transforming illumination so the shades of the restaurant interior design change from light lavender to dark blue colors through the day.

Dining sets consist of the round tables and chairs with algae-like piles.

дизайн интерьера ресторана фото

дизайн ресторана

The most popular places are tables at the windows offering amazing views to the coral reef activity. The guests enjoy exotic fishes and hundreds of rare coral species that live only at this depth.

Subsix menu represents the selection of seafood and meat. The bar card offers variety of luxurious alcohol, cocktails and soft drinks. A lunch with a glass of wine costs about $165.

мальдивы интерьер ресторана фото

рестораны дизайн

дизайн ресторан

дизайн интерьера кафе ресторанов

ресторан дизайн

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