Unusual design of a Polish private house

5 March 2016 |

This original villa is situated in Poland near Krakow. The area of the residence makes up 411 sq.m. It is traditionally made of red brick but nobody can boast of such an original design of its exterior.

An unusual shape of the building was dictated by location – it stands near the road. So, to prevent street noise from coming in and to provide proper privacy, the architects decided to build the first floor obliquely to the ground one.

дизайн проект загородного дома

интерьер дизайн загородного дома

The authors of the house are designers of KWK Promes (Poland). They called their project the Living-Garden House. This isn’t surprise as the mirror exterior dilutes the house in surrounding nature.

The owners are a young couple with two kids. They wanted to have a secluded and closed dwelling.

The house consists of two rectangular blocks. One is parallel to the street, the other one is turned 90 degrees to it. Owing to this unique design, the owners’ private life is properly hidden from eyes.

дизайн фасадов загородных домов фото

дизайн фасадов загородных домов

The first part features a garage, a bathroom and a kitchen area. The upper console includes the owners’ bedroom and kids’ rooms. Space under the ledge was designed as a living room and a dining room. It is opened from two sides and is half-covered with mirror panels. When the weather is warm, the owners take the mirror partitions away and the living room blends with the surrounding landscape. During cold periods this room serves as a spacious living and dining zone.

дизайн проект загородного дома фото

дизайн загородного дома

дизайн загородного дома фото

дизайн загородный дом

дизайн загородный дом

дизайн загородных домов

дизайн интерьера загородного дома

дизайн интерьера загородного дома фото

дизайн фасадов загородных домов

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