16 October 2014 |

B & B Italia offers its customers to select modern sofa design: with figured shapes, revolving and tip-up backs, flexible section insets and much more. This allows you finding a sofa, which can completely satisfy your taste preferences.

When it comes to the interior, which is going to include your new sofa, the best colors you can select for your furniture will be classic black or ivory-white. Strips on different accessories can help reviving the interior as well.

026eb1 Collision and contrast of colors create wonderful visual effect in the room. You can do this with the help of your furniture. Or if you prefer to avoid possible risky activities, first try this on your smaller home accessories to prevent yourself from doing mistake that can be truly expensive.

6efb42 Soft comfortable L-shape sofa forms a cozy corner, which is so wonderful to have rest at the end of a busy day. Such shape is very good for those who like leaning back in their sofas.

370b5e Deep soft ottoman is great when it is used as an autonomous part in some other places of a living-room that creates additional comfort if the room is intended to accommodate several people.

ff2084 With the help of regulated backs you can save your strengths you need to replace cushions. Now you don’t have to get up from the sofa if you wish to have some sleep.

069313 When designing a room, try to avoid too extensive corridors, which can create an effect of a waiting room. In such places the furniture always stands along the long corridors and this is not good for the home interior.
e0c44f Sofas divided into sections bring some freedom and flexibility. As soon as you are tired of the furniture arrangement in your room, you can immediately divide the sofa into parts to create completely different piece, placing two sections near the entrance or use as a separate unit.

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