Are you risky? Creative? Like travelling? These are aspects of the character that can be written on the walls of your dwelling.

So, what does your home tell about your character? “House is where your heart is”: no matter where are living, your house is a place where you come back over and over again. Your house is a place of comfort, safety and self-expression, place that reveals your essence.

Look carefully: do you see a complete story in your home or does it need a totally new story?


It isn’t correct to judge by outer shell but think about those who could never enter your house. Its exterior tells much more than you can imagine.

First indicator a passer-by pays attention to is a house’s dimensions. If you have a large house people would think you feel pretty good. If your house is too intricate people would think that you’re really an upstart.

You can reveal your individuality with the help of color. Bold shades stimulate owners for adventures and attract special attention disclosing you as a resolute and rough person, while muted shades show you as a more natural, relaxed and lighter owner.

Landscape planning

Landscape is a bright indicator of taste and style of an owner. First class landscape design means careful planning, investments and energy: all this indicates that owners pay great attention to their life and well-being.

Clean even lines and symmetrical landscape design emphasize your personality or simply indicate that your are a minimalist to the core. If the landscape design features intricate details or complicated stonework, this shows special love to details and a sence of charm. A contrast of these two elements can say that you prefer stability and equation in your life.

There are many elements that can make the landscape design very special. For instance, you can place your kids’ footprints on the stone staircase leading to the verandah, or put trays for birds all over you backyard – all this emphasize your family’s lifestyle. Try not to overload the territory around the house as this will indicate your bad taste and laziness.

Interior design

As soon as your guests step inside your house, they continue reading your history in the interior design. The interior color palette immediately set the tone for the entire house’s perception. Traditional warm and contemporary cool shades define the atmosphere from the very first seconds.

The planning is also considered to be one of the main lifestyle indicators. Houses with open planning look stylish, spaciously and family-like. While houses with closed planning and many doors bring the feeling of secret and intrigue and can also say that the owner is rather secretive person who has what to hide.

The materials used in a house say about future plans of the owners. Houses with such durable elements like granite countertops or bamboo finishing demonstrate that the owners have plans for a long and happy life in this house. But the houses with cheaper materials say “we don’t have money for now” or “we just don’t want to invest money in a house we’re not going to live in for a long time”.

Ethnic elements in design are the main indicators of what is important for an owner. Old decor items representing culture or religion are used by families that build their lives according to their wishes and beliefs. They also tell about passion to advantures and traveling.


In addition to the aethetic appeal of a house, its functionality can say much about its owner. Especially it refers to the “green houses”, which indicate that their owners are consious and take care about future of the Planet. Roof gardens, solar batteries, rain water purifiers and highly effective heaters say that owners are the followers of the eco-friendly lifestyle.

Defenses you use for your house also tell about personal beliefs. They demostrate that the owners appreciate their property. A good fence around the house indicates the same but if it is too high, this can siganal about the owners’ stand-off. A middle-height fence of bright colors give the impression of friendly people who are opened and ready for new contacts. In majority of cases this indicates that there are kids in this house.

Even your windows treatment can say much about your character. For instance, if you like long and heavy curtains or blinds that are shut most of the time – your are a closed-off person who likes solitary way of life and wishes to be left alone.

Think about exterior and interior of your house carefully to make it a clear appeal of who you are. No matter what is important for you and your family – there are many ways to inform the whole world about this with the help of your house’s design. When the matter is about an unexpressed story of design, many houses have what to say.

Never follow a single line. Life and preferences change – the same can change the design and what it says about your life. This is what makes your house an endless field to compile happy and bright pages of your private history.

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