White in the interior: five tips to use

4 June 2016 |

White color is a clean canvas. White in the interior is a bright neutral foundation, which brings wide opportunities in interior design. Natural light dances on the white walls and upholstery; bold accents scattered around in unexpected places, for instance, an original flower composition or a pile of art books, bring life to the white space.


Read our five tips of how to use white in the interior.

1. Nature is a key element

From wooden elements to collection of seashells or flowers – neutral interiors organically reflect natural beauty. For example, a totally white house will look amazing with dark wooden floors. Nature-lovers may also use their favorite collections in the interior to add color and texture.


Creamy neutral shades of this house at the photo become deeper due to the dark wooden floor and furniture. Very stylish and classic mix.


Light colors of these shells don’t compete with the walls and furniture and don’t fall out the entire design of the foyer.

2. Light is very important

White walls open a small space and refresh spacious rooms. Simple accents and other color elements bring character to the white space. Glass and mirror elements reflect the light and add some elegant shine. A pile of books or a China collection bring individuality to the interior.


Small elements like a couple of favorite books or ruffled cushions bring warmth and individuality to the clean white space of this cottage. Old locker looks nice and fresh painted dim white, and objects inside don’t let it look sterile.

3. More white

You don’t need to use white just for foundation. Consider some white unexpected details, for instance, the floor of a sofa, and you’ll get a trendy solution that matches any interior.


Large opened rooms of this unique 1921 cottage look amazing in a large sea of white – modern and clean. Curves of the house catch the eye, especially in contrast with the red tiled floor.

4. Soft color combinations – warm effect

White interiors are often about using cold accents in blue and green. To bring more sunny effect, mix white with bright buttery shades of yellow to soften the space but preserve openness provided by white walls.


Soft yellow shade of the walls finishing in this beach cottage brings sunny warmth to the interior.

5. Play with textures

Interesting fabrics and other textured surfaces stand out nicely against monochrome placid shades.


Animal skins are perfect for the neutral layers of this room. There is no surplus of decor elements – the space is laconic due to original cushions and the rug matching the whole interior.

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