Winter decor: 10 warm ideas

16 November 2015 |

Fur chairs, felted stones and wallpaper – today we’re going to tell you how to stylishly, beautifully and creatively decorate interior design for the winter.

Winter is just around the corner so it is time to change cool summer interior to the warmer and cozy one. To make it bright, expressive and unique use fur and woolen decor. And the matter is not only about beautiful throws.

зимний интерьер квартиры

Felt in production of wallpaper has become a true break-through. Thisw material is a wonderful noise insulator, it doesn’t fade under exposed sun light, it is easy to maintain and it is really durable. “Woolen” wallpaper looks amazing, especially in winter interiors.

обои для зимнего интерьера квартиры

зимний декор квартиры

Great embellishment of the interior during cool season will be hassocks and chairs with fur or woolen upholstery. You can change it from season to season with your own hands by tailoring removable cases or by simply throwing fur onto your favorite chair. You can also use it for sofas.

мех в интерьер квартиры

декор квартиры мехом

Fur chairs can be greatly combined with a lamp or a torchere decorated with wool. You don’t need to pay huge sums for this decor element. We’ve told you before how to make an elegant lamp of old pullover.

декор квартиры для осени и зимы

Warm tones can be introduced into interior with the help of felt poufs. There are a lot of them at the market – from expensive designer’s products to small hand-made pieces. Your guests will be stunned by the poufs in the form of huge marine rubble.

теплый интерьер квартиры

декор квартиры для зимы

Winter is a perfect time to make your carpet a central interior elements. Choose a small model with long fluffy piles.

Woolen carpets bring extremely warm atmosphere to any space. They are durable, perfectly keep warm and they are so nice to walk bearfoot.

ковер в зимнем интерьере квартиры

необычный ковер в интерьере квартиры

It is a pleasure to spend long winter evenings making beautilful decor. Your winter interior will be greatly supplemented with felt decor elements, nice candlesticks in knitted cases and woolen cases for decorative cushions.

декор своими руками для зимнего интерьера

зимний декор квартиры

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