4 Jul On October 13, , during the unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, the Government of India had appointed an eminent Group of. 22 Oct Of course, the interlocutors had gone to the state of Jammu & Kashmir on behalf of the home ministry. This is a home ministry’s report. Whatever. 25 Mar His confidence rested on the preliminary reports submitted by a three member Kashmir interlocutor team, which has been going around Jammu.

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Furthermore, there is nothing about the settlements of over 10 lakh PoK refugees.

He continued to maintain there was no point in discussing anything with the Interlocutors unless the Indian Prime Minister first accepted his five points: During the course of her visit, she also ticked off the media for being critical about her.

They have been living without citizenship for the past 64 years. The Hurriyat Conference played spoilsport with its demand for getting Pakistan also ajmmu of the talks. But soon after the pact, the prime minster says that both Pakistan and India are victims. After making all these observations, the report recommends that Parliament should not extend any new interlocutors report on jammu and kashmir.

The report stated that the situation on the Pakistani side of the LoC was rather different from that on the Indian side.

IAS Daily Dose: Group of Interlocutors Report on J&K

interlocutors report on jammu and kashmir In this respect, the recommendations of the Gajendragadkar Commission should be followed in toto. Their credentials are doubtful. It was formed in Octoberpost massive violence in the Valley. The dialogue was destined to remain incomplete. Make in India needs Effective Implementation. Will the Hurriyat interlocutors report on jammu and kashmir other stakeholders come to the table? A judicial commission to supervise the identification of bodies buried in the unmarked graves should be established.


The government hunkered on regardless of the opposition from the separatist camp and declared that the roundtable had provided invaluable feedback for policy initiatives. His brief was, however, vague and the government did not seem to have a clear roadmap. Broadly speaking, we feel that the mandate and mission of the entire exercise is in itself debatable.

We have been fighting in the United Nations for 64 years that Pakistan is the aggressor and we are the victim. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. The report also recommends the setting up of consultative committees with members from each legislature on both sides, along with experts, to facilitate activities in areas such as agriculture, environment protection, tourism, exchange visits, and medical relief measures during epidemics and natural disasters.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq subsequently denounced the process and pointed out that it could only be successful if it was part of a broader dialogue with the Hurriyat as well as with people across the border, including the government of Pakistan.

It was assumed this would be a major decision. It was pretty much the repetition of the old story. The Report was made public by the Home Ministry on May 24, Notify me of new posts by email.

the PRS Blog ยป Report of the Group of Interlocutors for Jammu and Kashmir

In the case of KC Pant, he failed to achieve much as none of the separatists except Shabir Shah talked to him. This would take into full account the linkages between water, land, the users, the environment and the infrastructure. interlocjtors


How do you see rreport report? We should also insist that the central grants should be proportionately sent direct to the Regional Councils by the Govt. But at the same time, they could not totally offend the national sentiments in the country. Kumar an unfettered opportunity to air her views on the Kashmir problem and assure her sceptical audience that their report would determine the ultimate solution of the problem.

It was the unrest during the summer of in the Kashmir Valley that once again propelled Ksahmir to the political frontlines. It is not a very radical report.

Rajnath Singh also integlocutors that being apolitical is the greatest strength of Sharma, and he can assess the ground situation properly. The December terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament precipitated a crisis in India-Pakistan relations and all talks were broken off.

J&K peace talks: How the past interlocutors and groups failed to break any deadlock

The Group submitted the Report to the Home Ministry earlier this year. As the protest gathered strength, Geelani jumped into the fray and made out that he was the controlling force behind the agitation, which till then had no avowed leadership. Whatever recommendations the interlocutors have made are those of the eeport ministry.