Export the plot from KaleidaGraph at the desired size so that KaleidaGraph performs the resizing and not the destination application. Either use the Set Plot Size. At this point, you are ready to start learning KaleidaGraph. a Copy to Clipboard button to export the results for use in a data, plot, or layout window. • Click OK. KaleidaGraph®. Version Page 2. KaleidaGraph. 2 Starting KaleidaGraph. Opening KaleidaGraph Files. Quitting KaleidaGraph. . KaleidaGraph. 4.

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After a plot is created, the user has total control over all the plot elements. The user has control over the size and placement of the elements in the layout window, similar to a page layout program.

Synergy » How do I export plots in a PDF format?

Download complete features list. Fully-stylized text labels simplify your work. Error bars can be added to the plots in almost any way imaginable: Mac version can be exported at a maximum of dpi; Windows supports a maximum of dpi. Set offsets for superscripts and subscripts independently.

Contact Nes the Webmaster. Numerical values of bars, columns, or pie slices can be placed automatically on the plot. Drawing tools are provided to add arrows, lines, boxes, ovals, arcs, polygons, and Bezier curves. Four new plot types: Additional features include template plots and formula scripts.

Once you click OK, an EPS file is created on your hard disk that can be imported into another program. Windows file name extensions can be appended when saving files from the Macintosh version. Pertinent information about the data can be stored using the Posted Note feature of the data window. KaleidaGraph is available for Macintosh and Windows. Bar plots with a log scale can use any value as a baseline. Effortless printing and plot export The layout feature in KaleidaGraph allows the user to display plots, tables, and text in a suitable manner for publication or presentation.


Fast and versatile graphing choices KaleidaGraph provides a variety of line and scatter plots, including double y, double x, and double xy.

Synergy » How do I save a KaleidaGraph data file as a text file?

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Button bar added to the Windows version.

It comes with a minute quick start guide that shows the user everything needed to get started. Headquarters Perkiomen Ave. Templates and Formula Scripts Additional features include template plots and formula scripts. Select the Print to File check box. Headquarters Perkiomen Ave. Windows version can be exported at a maximum of dpi. Objects can be duplicated by pressing Alt Windows or Option Macintosh and dragging the object.

Plotting Data with Kaleidagraph

The data selection tool can be used to graphically eliminate outliers from the plot. KaleidaGraph supports both linear kaeidagraph nonlinear curve fitting, with built-in equations for linear, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and power functions.

Excel 97, 98, and files can now be opened directly. Flexible Data Entry When KaleidaGraph is first launched, the user is presented with a data window and formula entry window.

A text tool is available to create fully stylized text labels. New data windows are created with 10 columns and rows. Each data window supports a maximum of columns and 1 million rows. You can download a free demo version. Use the Formula entry window to manipulate your data using over algebraic equations and statistical functions from convenient menus. Default attributes for equation labels now apply to tables for General and Polynomial fits.


Duplicate objects by pressing Alt Windows or Option Macintosh and dragging the object. Click OK until the main Print dialog is displayed. KG Mac to Mac application.

Error bars Error bars can be added to the plots in almost any way imaginable: A comprehensive help file and electronic manual are installed automatically. Two-digit years less than 40 are displayed as 0xx. Everything you need is right at hand inside KaleidaGraph, without the need for another program to do the job.

Monday – Friday 8: The identify tool displays the current coordinates each time the mouse is clicked. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are two programs that we have found that can preview an EPS file created in this manner.

If the user specifies a text column for the error values, the values in that column will be kaleidxgraph to annotate the points in the plot. Statistics, linear and nonlinear curve fitting, and the ability to produce precise graphic exprt of data all make KaleidaGraph powerful expirt flexible.

White space can be minimized when exporting a plot or layout.

User selectable error bars can be added with independent upper and lower error types. KaleidaGraph is a thoughtfully designed graphing and data analysis application for research scientists, as well as for those in business and engineering fields.

It produces publication-quality graphs, and easily converts the most complex data into a functional display. Color and thickness of error bars can now be specified independently of the variable settings.