Why I Am Not a Hindu has ratings and 28 reviews. Priya said: Casteism is an evil that has been prevalent in our country for ages though this has most. Why I Am Not a Hindu [Kancha Illaiah] on Kancha Ilaiah ia not a Hindu because it suits his pocket book to be a mouthpiece for the evangelists. Why I am Not a Hindu: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Kancha Ilaiah’s book Why I am not a Hindu is a manifestation of this.

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On that basis alone it is a part of Hinduism, though a part which is neglected by the rest of Hindu society. However, one thing is sure — unless the demon of caste is exorcised, India will never progress.

I have a feeling that if a Dalitist state gets established it will be a far better Socialist model for the world than the other models which were already established because Dalitbahujan society was never so religiously fundamentalistthere is no such constructed religion like that, it has been much more spontaneous, and they have lived for such a long time with that kind of a thinking.

Hindu Brahminism defied all economic theories, including feminist economic theory, that all market-oriented societies valued labour which produced goods and commodities for market consumption. Aug 07, Ronald Antony rated it it was amazing.

Now these images and the stories and narratives and everything is out there in the civil society. But myth is not only history — it springs from the unconscious, and there are many motifs in Indian Mythology which have clear parallels elsewhere in world myth.

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In the turbulent era following the fall of V. Moreover, analysing second-hand experience is always dangerous as the cross-section one utilises may not be representative: Reading this, I remembered Amartya Sen wrote in Identity and violence, “the identity of an individual is essentially a function of her choices, rather than the discovery of an immutable attribute. Herein lies the Hindu delegitimization of productive creativity. Would you like to see more reviews about this item?

Whom did they kill?

This should be done in a peaceable way, through the ballot-box and re-education of Indian society. I read this only because someone tol While writing this review I was wondering whether I should or should I not,nah I thought at the end that I should.

Lord Ayyappa, the local God of Kerala and arguably one of the most popular Gods in South India worshipped by Brahmin and Dalit alike is most probably a mountain God later adopted into the Hinduism, and given celestial parents and a royal foster father.

Kancha Ilaiah

The latter embodies all the virtues society wants. The concept of one caste or religion taking over the polity and the society, however benign it may be, is anathema to the pluralistic Indian society. Capture the Hindu temples by expelling the Brahmins from them.

Return to Book Page. Thought provoking touching experiences beautifully scripted. It speaks of deep apathy and disregard of the aspirations of Dalits. Despite this, why is it that brahminical dance has acquired so much value? No trivia or quizzes yet.


These major religions were constructed by prophets who sacrificed and struggled in life for people’s liberation. Jan 17, Sanchita rated it liked it.


Maybe the publisher should be more careful. The ancient theoretical formation of the thesis leisure as life was propounded by Vatsyayana in the Kamasutra, where he constructs a nagarika citizen as one who embodies this notion. It speaks of deep apathy a A radical take on caste, class, culture and religion from ilaiay viewpoint of oppressed classes. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat This whole scheme is a specialized knowledge in itself. Ilaiah characterises his name change as a tool for the upliftment of Dalits.

He’s just made statements that are unsubstantiated. The productive Dalits are exploited to keep this order in place.

A Rejection of Hinduism – “Why I am not a Hindu” by Kancha Ilaiah | Sacred Space

Trying to understand the reason we found the following probable causes: A a, read for every hindu. The author extrapolates some of his observations concerning the life of the dalitbahujan in a specific location in Andhra Pradesh to all of South Asia. Mar 06, Raman Ramanathan rated it it was amazing. Although I disagree with the major thesis of this book, I actually think its a great read, and that every Hindu should read it. The title of the book made me think that this book was about atheism from an Indian’s perspective something I have been longing to read for a long time now.

He has also to invent ways of l tall trees which do not have branches. Showing of 53 reviews.