KARAITE ANTHOLOGY Excerpts from the Early Literature TRANSLATED FROM ARABIC, ARAMAIC, AND HEBREW SOURCES WITH NOTES BY LEON. Karaite Anthology. Edited and translated by Le. Yale University Press. Pp. xxvi, (Yale Judaica Series. Volume vii). This book marks the first attempt in. Results 1 – 30 of 39 Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature by Nemoy, Leon (ed.0 and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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The proof of this is the same verse: An even stronger proof is the conversation between David and Goliath, at which there was no one else present. And the witnesses of her divorce are So- and-so, the son of So-and-so, and So-and-so, the son of So-and-so.

But there is no end to the speaking about the majesty of His ordinance and utterance. Another instance is the passage, and she gave birth to Cain Gen.

If to this poverty and piety there is added also nobility of descent, then the servant of God acquires a double nobility, like the no- bility of the children of Israel who comprise our ancestors, our roots, our original tribes, our kings, and our sages. They are mentioned here, at the beginning of the story, for the sake of their marriages which will be mentioned later on.

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early literature | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This is comparable to our own procedure with animals and similar creatures, whose constitu- tion is different from ours, whom we must govern and manage, to whom we must communicate our wishes, who do not know our speech, and whose sounds and utterances are not akin to ours. The nakedness of thy sister, the daughter of thy father or the daughter of thy mother, whether born at home or born outside, thou shalt not uncover their nakedness Lev. Like other young faiths, Karaism in its early period developed an anthoology missionary eiEEort, and travel- ing Karaite preachers went qnthology town to town and from province to province exhorting Rabbanite audiences — Karaism did not seek converts among non-Jews, at least as far as we know— but apparently with little actual success.


In the language of Eber, and also in that of the sons of Dumah. Wolfson have read, respectively, the first four chapters and the Introduction, and have contributed, with their customary generosity, a number of important corrections and suggestions.

The next words, and let the skies pour down righteousness Isa. Whosoever curses his God shall bear his sin Lev. An heirloom for the congregation of the seed of the per- fect ones. Blessed be antholoy Lord, God of our fathers.

About the middle of the tenth century Persia and Iraq, the cradle of the schism, gradually lost their dominant position as centers of Karaite population and culture and were superseded in importance by the settlements in Jerusalem and Karaige.

Now m this one thing he has fallen down and cannot stand up: For the benefit of those whom this book is primarily meant to serve, I have endeavored to make both the prefatory and the ex- planatory matter as concise and nontechnical as the subject would permit.

There is little historical evidence to support such an inter- pretation of his teaching.

Catalog Record: Karaite anthology, excerpts from the early | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The reason for this IS that the presence of a child within a woman becomes cer- tain in three months from the time of conception, as it is written: A man is obligated to feed and provide for his sons and daughters; the sons, until they become proficient in the Law and in a profession, as it is written. This in fact is what the Greek and other philosophers quote in his name and IS now incorporated in their books. Has not the person who rejects reason and its postulates, founded on inferences from proofs and analogies, reached the height of insolence, not to mention his unbounded ignorance?


KA, V, mdex of subjects. Our present knowledge of early Karaism is thus woefully inadeouate. anthologu

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In order to remove the stumbhng block, and to clear the path of stones, So that the flock of Israel would not go astray into the waterless desert of heresy. And I will shake his loins and strike down his sword.

At the same time new colonies were established in the Balkans, then still under Byzantine Christian rule, and in Moorish Spain, al- though the latter colony, which flourished for a short period of time under the leadership of Ibn al-Taras, a graduate of the Karaite Academy at Jerusalem, soon antthology to exist.

Both kingdoms were thus carried into exile, while they held on to these practices of Jeroboam, and they were scattered all over the world still persisting in them and transmitting them from one generation to the other until the present day. The most anhology portant of these centers of medieval Jewry, the mainspring of Jew- ish learning, culture, and authority, had long since been anchored in Iraq, the ancient Babylonia.

How long wilt thou wander about, 0 backsliding daughter, say- ing, I will not go to Jerusalem, to the seat of the Lord? If a person subject to capital punishment repents of his evil deeds, we do not accept kxraite repentance.

They cannot withdraw from this contradictory path. It IS therefore forbidden to us to eat birds, since we are un- able to distinguish unclean birds from clean ones.