30 ideas of kitchen Christmas décor

4 December 2015 |

Today we’re going to tell you about kitchen Christmas decor.

Far from everybody pays proper attention to Christmas decoration of the kitchen area. And this is a mistake. We spend much time in kitchen and on the eve of the Christmas holidays hostesses literally live near their stoves. So the atmosphere in the kitchen must also be festive like in all other rooms.

новогодний декор кухни

Before starting decoration you should study the extent of the work and dimensions of the room. Often kitchens are quite small so don’t overload the space.

You’d also remember about safety measures – put your Christmas decor far from water, fire and food.

новогодний девор кухни

To decorate your kitchen for the Christmas holidays use lighting garland with several modes, bows, spangle, whreaths and balls.

Place decor at the windows, on the curtains, o the window-sills, apply patterns on glasses, hang garlands everywhere. Whreaths look perfect on the doors, air tunnel, and kitchen fronts. Upper raw of the cabinets can be greatly decorate with glowing spangle and large balls. Embellish  your chandelier with fir twigs and streamers.

украшение кухни на новый год

Or maybe you wish to have a totally new kitchen interior? Then replace the whole texite and crockery. Curtains, a table-cloth, napkins, chair cases, towels, candle-sticks, aproms, plates and jugs with Christmas ornaments will brings festive atmosphere into the space.

декор кухня новый год

Don’t forget about candles. You can use them to make a beautiful composition, embellish it with everygreen twigs, cones, spangle and balls. This type of ikebana will perfect look on the table or a kitchen island.

новогодний интерьер для кухни

And what about the main Christmas attribute – a fir? You don’t have to install a huge floor-to-ceiling tree in your kitchen. Purchase a tiny fir, artificial or alive, in a small flower pot. You can decorate it with everything you can imagine, for instance, dry citrus peels, cinnamon sticks or anisetree stars.

как украсить елку

Christmas decortion of a kitchen is a creative process. Invent, experiment and our selection of ideas will help you to inspire and charge with a festive mood.

новый год декор кухня

новогоднее украшение кухни

новогодний декор для кухни

кухня украшенная к новому году

декор кухня новый год

кухня новогодний интерьер идеи новогоднего декора кухни

декор кухни новый год

декор кухни на новый год

украшения кухни на новый год

декор кухни для нового года

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