An incredible gothic castle and golden temple complex standing in the center of the Ukrainian village. You just need to go 80 miles away from Kiev, to Buki village that is located in Skvyra district, to see all this beauty.


This homestead with a landscape park stoned on each side of scenic Rostavitsa river is known far from Kiev region and is a true national patrimony.

Travel to Buki is extremeley popular. Everyone can enter the territory of the estate.


The constructor of the famous park is local businessman Ivan Suslov who heads the agro-industrial corporation “Skvyra” that includes plants, farms, stores and construction firms.


At the end of 2000’s Ivan Suslov purchased a homely riverside plot. He cleaned Rostavitsa river and spent several years to erect a temple complex on its banks. He also built a park with waterfalls, a hydrostation, a gothic castle and even a zoo.


In 2007 the patrimony was granted the Government premium in the sphere of architecture. A year later the National Bank issued a coin with the image of Buki temple complex.

As the visitors enter the territory paled with a high openwork fence they see St. Eugene church, which was called after the senior Ivan’s son. Just behind the temple there is St. Daniel belfry called after Leonid Kuchma’s father who was a close friend of Suslov’s family.


One of the main patrimony’s attractions is a fountain that stood on Maidan Nezalezhnosti – the central square of Kiev – before its last reconstruction.


One can find the figure seven everywhere in the park. It crowns the gates, is engraved on the door and paved with bricks on the path. Suslov says that seven is his lucky charm. He was born in the family of seven, and the fitst letters of his name, surname and patronimic name form Ukrainian “sim”, which is “seven” (Suslov Ivan Mikhailovych, – Ukrainian).


Incredible houses of the Suslovs are worth special mention. There is no definite style as construction was made in different periods in accordance with the owners’ preferences. A gothic temple draws the greatest attention. Formerly the house, the chapel, the tower and the guard booth were constantly visited by tourists. But after the owner’s wife tried to enter her house and was stopped by the tourists who blamed her in jumping the queue, that part of the park was closed.


The atmosphere of coziness and kindness prevails on the estate’s territory. You can walk here, examine statuettes on a fairy meadow, enjoy the waterfall view and even go fishing.


By the way, Suslov efficiently uses the gifts of nature. He installed a small hydrostation that delivers electricity to the whole estate.


You can go to the church and walk on the fountain square every day. But the main part of the park is opened on Friday and Saturday, until 17-00. Free admission. Excursion to the “Meadow of Fairy-tales” costs 100 UAH for a group of tourists.


Buki village coordinates: 49° 50′ 15,9576″, 29° 38′ 58,5492″.

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