House in Brazil: harmony of architecture and landscape

26 October 2015 |

Located an hour’s drive from São Paulo, Brazil, this house belongs to a young couple with two children. The banks of a small lake and big ipe tree pushed the architects to crate a house where all advantages of the landscape would be used to hte maximum.



The plan of the house is made L-shaped, where the main part includes the kids’ room, a courtyard near the house theatre forms a large closed living room that opens to teh tarrace and a garden, erasing limits between the inner and outer spaces. The master’s bedroom and a gym are above this zone.



In the second part of the house there is a dining room, a kitchen and service areas. Guest rooms are on the first floor of this volume.



The house differs with its horizontality and fluidity between spaces. The entrance to the house is in the place where two volumes merge. On one side the stone flooring comes to the terrace gradually merging to the garden. The living room is located slightly lower and has a slightly higher ceiling. Tree trunk is the dominating element of this volume. The windows are slide apart and hide in the walls letting the terrace and landscape inside the house.



Wooden floor and ceiling add warmth and domestic atmosphere to the space that merges with nature. The second terrace was made under the pergola and is prolongation of the living room. There is a big wooden platform and a lane with a pool along all the side of this volume. The pool is incorporated into the landscape with the help of large stones immersed to the water.



Old ipe tree was preserved and incorporated into the architecture. Staircase was arranged align with the tree connecting the terrace with the first floor. There are several paths between external and internal zones and this is a bright characteristic of the plan of the house. Finished with teak timber and painted natural colors, the house harmoniously merges into the surrounding landscape being its integral part.

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