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Everybody wishes to have a place where he can relax, feel conciliation or even perceive Zen. This is what happens with you when you’re in your own Japanese garden.


Japanese gardens are created for reflections and meditations. Long ago the gardens were planted for the ruling elite of Japan to help them keep calm in a hard war period. With time the Japanese garden turned into a life style and a cultural symbol of the country. It is so important to have a place to relax and be inspired in the world that constantly moves and brings so much stresses.

So, how to create your own Japanese garden?


Learn the basics of a Japanese garden creation

There are only about 100-200 people in the world who’ve managed to plant authentic Japanese garden in its original form. So, if you wish to have true Japanese garden, learn the basics first.

First type of the Japanese garden is a stone garden that always includes sand. There are no water elements in this type of garden and its design replicates the landscape of mountains and rivers. Fine gravel forms patterns symbolizing river and stones on the sand symbolize mountains.


Another type is a moss garden. Moss tumultously grows in Japan due to the rainy and humid climate but at the same time it doesn’t need too much water to grow. This means moss can be planted in gardens nearly in any region. Moss gardens bring soft and balanced feelings that positively affect exhausted mind and body.


Each Japanese garden is the embodyment of Japanese culture but your own garden of Zen can be truly unique. The main thing is the feeling of conciliation you’re going to get inside.


Follow the elements of Japanese culture

If you wish to create truly Japanese garden, learn culture and traditions. You may think that it would be good to follow the cliche ideas but remember that many of them came from Chinese culture. Such elements like red hanging flowers and bridges to cover small streams were borrowed from Chinese traditions and often are mistakenly taken as the Japanese ones.

Really authentic Japanese garden will never include bright crude colors. Monochrome green palette is preferable and taken as the basis.

As for the flowers, you need to understand their role in the gaden and affect on your mood. Sometimes a flower can be so bright that it will be annoying for you. Besides, according to Japanese traditions, the flowers must stress the green palette and balance the design.

The garden arrangement is very important. Each detail is symbolic and have its meaning. The integrity of the landscape calms down helping you achieve your Zen faster.


Think about simplicity and size

Japanese garden doesn’t have to be large and too gorgeous. Forget about glitters and glamour – these gardens embody simplicity and purposefulness.

Use materials that look simple. For instance, a bamboo fence around your garden will bring the element of nature to the crafted space.


Stone paths pouring among concrete statues – another way to bring a placatory element. In Japanese culture these paths symbolize anticipation of future and respect of one’s past. Beautiful philosophy, isn’t it?


Try not to overload your garden with many kinds of various plants. Choose 2-3 kinds of moss or creepers and you’ll achieve simplicity of lines. This is the garden your mind will fully relax in.


Conduct a small investigation

Creation of a Japanese garden looks as a simple task but in reality it is a kind of art that needs to be learnt in order to improve.

Fortunately, there are many resources offering information about Japanese garden design so take some time and you’ll find interesting materials.

A Japanese garden must calm down and inspire. So, before your shovel hits the ground, think about things bringing these feelings to you.


Understanding of the ancient basics of Japanese garden creation is the best start for everybody. Bold mix of traditions and culture will help you to create your Zen space. Just go out of your comfort zone and look at your garden with different angle – this will allow you achieving better result. Although Japanese garden creation will take some time, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get the place that will bring your mind to order and create your own history that stretches back to the cultural past.

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