Modern landscape design: design tips

25 June 2016 |

There are many ways of designing and decorating of a house. And what about external spaces?


Very often we don’t pay proper attention to these spaces and it isn’t right. Landscape design is a great way to state about your individuality and style from the very first steps and to prepare your guests for what they’ll see inside your house.

Here are some tips about how to create a modern landscape design.



In any modern house each detail has its clear and permanent place. Just clean lines and no clutter. Use the same principles for landscape design as well.

In general, modern landscape design is the polar opposite of an English garden where the plants grow in random order. The plants in a modern garden are controlled and said where and how to grow.

Modern landscape design is divided into strictly defined and tidy spaces. Some of you may think that it is extremely dull and boring but you’re wrong. Read our article and you’ll realize that modern landscape design is attractive, unique and clean aesthetics.



Squares, rectangles, circles and triangles – all these shapes have their places in modern landscape design. They are multifunctional so help to mark out areas in your garden and create individual compositions.

For instance, you can make a straight stone garden path leading to an opened BBQ area marked by square hedges. Or pave the path with oval stones to make a convenient access to an outdoor pool. Both objects and plants should have geometry in them.

You’d better choose the plants that are easily cut and formed. For example, box-tree, cedar, reed and grasses, succulents and Japanese maple.


Modern Zen 

Interiors of the majority of modern houses feature Zen atmosphere. These houses invite you to relax, hide in a quiet place and forget about a long hard day. Apply the same atmosphere for your outdoor spaces.

Here are some simple tips to add Zen to your garden

  • Use water elements: fountains, tiny brooks, pools and pond with fish
  • Install partitions and walls to provide proper privacy level
  • Add Japanese garden elements – sand, stones and succulents
  • Avoid expressive plants of bright colors. Choose neutral green shades that create relaxing atmosphere
  • Use mostly evergreen plants to enjoy their beauty all year round
  • Apply stones, benches and statues creating compositions for your taste


Ground cover plants and stones

Ground cover plants and stones are important elements of landscape design. They are used for segmenting of space and help the eye to move from one segment to another.

For instance, use a low raw of cedars to form the border around a pond or garden paths. Or use concrete to make a path to a pool or pond. These elements mustn’t bring you somewhere – they can be used as visual tools connecting the entire landscape design together.

Try to make a square sand garden with only a few properly placed rocks. Draw lines on the sand (like in a Japanese garden) and twist them around these rocks creating that very Zen-effect.


As you see, a modern garden features many elements but it’s quite easy to create landscape design reflecting your tastes and preferences. Your house exterior should always reflect who you are. Just remember – clean and strict lines, geometry, stone paths, borders and partitions. And Zen, of course!


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