Seven ideas to screen your garden from eyes

11 June 2016 |

Privacy is the most important thing when designing any yard or a garden. Because it doesn’t matter how gorgeous your balcony or how inviting a BBQ area in your garden are, when you sit like in a glass case.


Read our 7 tips that will help you hiding from prying eyes and relax in your private space.

1. Make a fence of pots


Everybody use pots and containers for plants in their gardens. Most of the plants can be grown in pots that are portable to be a perfect solution for those who rent accommodation. But even those who possess their own dwelling can use advantages of this designer’s idea: using plants in pots, it’s easy to bring some greenery to any space like a balcony or a patio. To provide maximum privacy, use different types of bamboo, tall grasses, fruit trees or thujas.

2. Install artificial green fence


You don’t have to water, trim and wait for the fence to grow. So this is a great opportunity to provide privacy to your garden if your don’t mind paying a little bit more. Artificial green panels are produced in a variety of sizes and forms and can be even installed with a sound-proof protection to double privacy factor.

3. Plant hedges


Prefer natural things? Planting and growing of hedges will take more time and effort including selection of the proper plant and its planting, in particular. Box-tree and staff tree are classic variants for hedges but there are flower bushes like rhododendron or laurel that can grow up to 2,5 meters in height.

4. Hang curtains


Properly placed textile adds privacy and brings a drop of coastal atmosphere. This is the cheapest way in our list, especially if you already have a patio or a pergola. There are a lot of outdoor curtains at the market but you can use covers with moisture-resistant coating.

5. Use espaliers


Plants growing on espaliers require proper maintenance but there is one big advantage: you don’t have to wait for a plant to grow and provide privacy because espaliers themselves greatly cope with the task blocking the view from the outside.

6. Plant vertical gardens


Vertical garden will help you to kill two birds with one stone: plant it with herbs and vegetables and you’ll get a vegetable garden you can use all season round. You can make it with your own hands or purchase it in a store.

7. Install a pergola


Installation of a pergola requires some investments but there is no better way to make an outdoor living room. Embellish it with curtains and lanterns and they will turn your garden into a bright intimate space for happy summer evenings.

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