3D-printed heels by famous architects

19 October 2015 |

Famous architects Zaha Hadid, Fernando Romero and Ben van Berkel joined with fashionable brand United Nude and leader in 3D technology 3D Systems to create innovational collection of 3D-printed heels.

The project was represented in April this year at “Re-Inventing Shoes” exhibition in the context of Milan Design Week.

Each model of the heels was printed on 3D-printer with the help of SelectiveLaser Sintering system. The product is made of strong nylon and innovational soft rubber material owing to which the architects managed to create completely functional shoes. Only 50 pairs of each model were proposed for sale.

AMMONITE / Fernando Romero


“These shoes were produced with the help of the newest 3D-print technology. The result is a product that could be an object found in nature, some exquisite petrifaction that rested at the bottom of the ocean for centuries”.

UNX2 / UNStudio, Ben van Berkel

ben van

“We were especially interested in the image to be created by new shoe collection, both in statics and in motion. UNX2 shoes create images of motions and produce a dynamic form of an image creation with the help of a motion”.

YOUNG Shoe / Michael Yang


“Working over this project brought us a unique opportunity to research and widen customary limits in design and fashion. Using our own rich experience in 3D-print technology, we offered fresh approach to ordinary perception of shoes”.

ILABO / Ross Lovegrow


“I used this project to demonstrate that physical innovation in durability of materials and structure of a multilayered matrix can join and create a product able to reinforce female appeal and at the same time be highly-technological”.

FLAMES / Zaha Hadid


“Sculptural sensuality and expressiveness of Zaha Hadid’s architectural language together with United Nude’s experience in production of the most innovational designer’s products were embodied in shoes the essence of which is fire, sensible and ephemeral but provoking and dynamic”.

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