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What are the criteria of a luxury home? This issue was examined by one of the largest USA realtor companies Coldwell Banker that enters the market since 1906 and possesses representatives in 47 countries of the world.

The company conducted analysis of the respondents’ replies and made a list of ten necessary factors defining the level of luxury.


First place is taken by location. The houses of those who like prestige are always hidden from sight. The driveway to the house must have wonderful landscapes without any dumps, uncompleted buildings and dormitories. The site must be closed to prevent people from staring inside. So, before you buy land for your future luxury house, find out about planned building up of the surrounding area to protect yourself from unexpected erections around your VIP-apartments.


The second place was given to smart home systems. Remote control of light, curtains, house equipment, climate, safety and other facilities is drawing more and more attention. So if you have an ordinary IPad or IPhone, you are one step closer to your dream of having a luxury house.


A living-room took the third place. It must have the opened planning, fashionable staircase and exclusive chandelier. The living-room is a place where your meet your guests. So it has to strike from the first sight and expressively tell about a house’s pomposity.


The fifth place is a chef-kitchen. Even if owners of a house don’t like cooking, it doesn’t mean that the kitchen must be on the wane. This place must not only be beautiful but equipped as a celebrity restaurant. It has to feature expensive plates and dishes, modern kitchen-ware, separate refrigerators for wine and cheese and other things to please both chef and the owners.


As a luxury house features a huge yard with the garden, it also must have a pool and a pergola for pleasant evenings. Thesefacilitiestookthefifthplace. Here you can also place a chargrill, comfortable armchairs and small sound systems to create a music background for a good time with family and friends.


The sixth place was assigned to the bedroom. Despite the fact that this is a personal space of the owners and doesn’t need to be boasted of, it must correspond to the common style and luxury. The respondents noted that the abovementioned smart systems are great for bedrooms. To save VIP-owners from straining themselves in the morning, it is possible to program the house to open the curtains, switch on a kettle or favorite music. All this happens while you’re tucked away all cozy in your royal bed.


The dressing-room took the seventh place. This is a separate room with cabinets, wardrobes, poufs, mirrors and even a fridge for furs. This area has nothing in common with some shabby pantry as it is going to store the best haute couture clothes.

Three last places were taken by a home spa, gym and cinema. First of all, they provide cherished privacy for the owners.


A spa-center in your own house will please you by exclusiveness of various treatments. In addition to traditional Jacuzzi, aromatherapy and sauna, you can always invite personal masseur or cosmetician to organize relax program right in your quarters.


A private gym is great for clean and untouchable simulators. After swimming in a personal pool it is so good to continue working in a gym. To do that you don’t need to reposition yourself to the fitness-center’s working schedule or move from place to place.


And the last element necessary for a luxury house is a home cinema. This is the opportunity to watch movie you wish to, play various games on a large screen or enjoy the game of a favorite team with your friends in your own place.

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