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Nowadays it’s incredible to imagine that a European bathroom played a role of a barn. Bathroom fitments market was flooded with exceptionally round items possessing clear functional design.

Roberto Palomba was the first designer who deviated from a standard cliché. He offered a very bold model of a wash-bowl. He was the one who brought an idea of a «living space» to a bathroom. Owing to the young designer’s revolutionary ideas, at the beginning of the 90s’ a bathroom became a place to live and enjoy interacting with objects. The same tendency was maintained in décor as well. Roberto Palomba is a top three Italian designer and a top ten world level designer.


Everything started from the «Acquagrande» collection. To be more precise, from the first rectangular wash-bowl: its drawings are dated 1996. Synergy of young and bold designer and «Flaminia» Company was a landmark, Palomba worked out collections like TwinSet, Link, and Tatami. The «Flaminia» brand captured the leading positions at the market of designer’s Italian bathroom fitments. Today the company cooperates with the masters of the world design like Fabio Novembre, Alessandro Mendini, Rodolfo Dordoni and Paola Navone.

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The Twin Set range is composed of round basins, in various models and two sizes: vanity, semiinset, undercounter, with or without tap ledge, bench and wall hung. It is possible to create many different arrangements thanks to the particular wall and corner brackets. Twin Column, created for the Twin Set 42 cm basin, is a symbol of the collection; the real innovation is the free standing column. Twin Column involves and dominates all the space around it; as a real domestic fount it becomes the protagonist of the bathroom breaking away from traditional schemes and conventional aesthetics.

In his turn, Roberto Palomba took part in a series of projects for the following trademarks: Laufen, Zuccetti Kos, Rapsel, Schiffini, Foscarini, Cappellini, Driade, and Swan.


Roberto himself reminds a lively ball of fire. He is not tall, wiry, and graceful. He instantly fills the space around him; he inspires with his movements, ideas and will. In his studio «Palomba Serafini Associati» Palomba and his wife – a talented designer Ludovica Palomba-Serafini – got seriously involved with architecture projects. Many of his projects are stretched back to architecture, and he speaks about his creative process as follows:

«Architecture is a type and structure. In objective design we strive to combine everything: both aesthetics and form. I and Ludovica don’t divide our life into work and home. When you live on the second floor and your studio is on the first one, the border between life and creation is degraded. We argue rarely, admiring each other professionally and humanly. We never press down each other, trying to leave a free space and talk over. Often during our talks there are new images born and then we sit down and draw. Conception starts from a delicate vibration inside, somewhere in an upper abdomen. This is something inexplicable, something like love; it captures then converting into keenness and impulse. And then there is confidence that something new, bright and interesting is about to be born: an object or a project that will bring joy to somebody».

Roberto Palomba comments created furniture models: «I’m very fond of sofas – large and deep. They have to be places for a family to communicate. I like using natural materials: leather, cotton and flax. As for the color, currently I can use black but tomorrow orange can become my favorite. I feel tempted by warm shades of red, brown and yellow. I admire white – this is the color of absolute purity, light and perfection. It allows playing on contrasts. For instance, an absolutely white bathroom looks perfectly, framed with dark wood. Today there is abundance of black under the influence of Fashion, and I do not welcome this. An interior object will always look elegant only if you use black properly».



Italian furniture manufacturer Zanotta recently presented their Maserati lounge chair during Milan design week. Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and in collaboration with Maserati, the chair is an homage to the new Maserati Quattroporte. Taking the core values of the Maserati company, such as style and quality, Ludovica and Roberto have created a timeless and elegant design. Only limited numbers of the chair are available.

Roberto Palomba is truly a gulp of fresh idea and a charge of creativity. He is another confirmation that success can’t be accidental.

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