Simple kitchen - the Ukrainian interior innovation

13 November 2015 |

iDEASDESIGN! continues to rejoice cool interior solutions by domestic manufacturers. Today we’d like to represent you the Simple kitchen that has no analogues at the Ukrainian market.

The project of the kitchen has been developed by Kiev factory ANOVA in collaboration with designer Ruslan Kovalchuk. Presentation of the new product took place at the beginning of this year’s autumn.

красивая мебель для кухни

Simple model is distinguished by a series of peculiarities and innovations that hadn’t been used in Ukrainian furniture production before.

ANOVA was the first domestic manufacturer who launched production of Simple fronts with the sawn wood texture. This trend in kitchen interiors is at the peak of its popularity in the European countries.

необычный дизайн мебели для кухни

All elements of the Simple are produced of high-quality plywood. Other features of the kitchen are hidden joints on the fronts and countertop. Upper elements of the fronts are fixed by integral welding method. This allows all surfaces looking as a single whole, without sutures and slots.

мебель для кухни от украинского производителя

The kitchen’s finish also features the mirrors with bronze covering. This improved durability of this fragile material and brought a beautiful goldish shade perfectly harmonizing with wood.

необычная мебель для кухни

Along with the kitchen, ANOVA represented its own design – separators for Inbox cabinets. This is a cheap analogue of Orga-line constructions by the famous trademark Blum. The innovation allowed reducing prime cost that hasn’t affected the quality of the kitchen.

дизайнерская мебель для кухни

интересная мебель для кухни

украинская мебель для кухни

интересный дизайн мебели для кухни

красивый дизайн мебели для кухни

интересный дизайн кухонной мебели

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