By Victoria Katsunotu

24 March 2015 |

For about 20 years Cyprus was among the most attractive regions for real estate investments. Architects and designers from around the world bring the best ideas and innovations to embody them in new square meters of flats, houses, sport, office and entertainment centers.

Victoria Katsunotu is a real estate expert of Cyprus. The head of one of the largest real estate agencies «AlpsPrime Property» since 2006, Victoria knows everything about construction, purchase, lease and repair of real estate in this region.

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One of the latest passions is the interior design. Victoria is getting second degree and preparing a joint project with DAZgroup – the company engaged in construction, architecture and design. The company’s portfolio includes a host of designed houses, flats and public buildings around Europe.

IdeasDesign met with Victoria in her spacious Cyprus office in Limassol. She told us about Woman who’s able to join successful carrier, true beauty and harmonic private life.


  • To achieve success in your carrier you must create a good infrastructure. If one day you need to stay home, there must be team in your office that will do everything right without you. And vice versa: you can stay late at work if you’ve created necessary infrastructure at home.


  • Start your day in a good mood. This guarantees perfect results! Everybody has his ideal morning secrets – good music, delicious breakfast, sport or a walk along the beach. It is important to come to office with sincere smile and start any project with enthusiasm. This is one of the main qualities of a good leader.
  • It is very important to conciliate your colleagues and partners. Many of them are my friends. We entertain, visit concerts and various interesting events, and travel Europe and the world. New impressions and good emotions bring people together!


  • If you’re too busy to take a long vacation, I recommend that you let yourself find the way from active life and spend your time travelling with your family and friends. My colleagues try not to disturb me when I’m on vacation – this is very important!

My leader’s credo is «involve your heart, stimulate your mind!». The leader must know how to simply and clearly explain very complex strategy to any employee. Of course, you can’t also be without ability to hear somebody’s opinion. This strongly helps both in your work and private life


  • As I’m a woman, I’d like to notice that our company has many fair sex representatives. I appreciate their skills and abilities to find compromises. They make an ordinary day brighter and more beautiful. But I recommend choosing men for a business success. It’s easy and pleasure to deal with them.
  • Ideal life is when your hobby is your job or when you do the job that brings moral satisfaction in addition to the material one. It is important to find job that brings pleasure. If your job stops bringing pleasure, you need to quit or change your attitude to what you do.


  • You need a definite period of time to achieve considerable results. Don’t wait satisfactory result in a year. When you build your carrier, don’t change your job too often. You must learn to be patient to see the results.
  • Always think about personal development and growth, about additional education, about obtaining knowledge that allows you being different against other specialists. This must be a proactive process: stop just visiting job and work for wages. There must be a creative component. A woman has a creative function by default – it’s easier for us to use it in our own carrier.


  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. As the only mistake you can’t rectify is that you didn’t even try.
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