Table-bed for those who like sleeping at work

6 November 2015 |

From now on the problem of sleep during a working day is solved. You just need to install a table-bed equipped with a TV-zone right in your office. And of course to persuade your boss to do that.

The wonder-bed has been developed by designers of architectural firm NL Studio (Greece).


From the outside the structure looks like an ordinary table with a PC on it. But once you trigger a special mechanism by slightly pushing a counter, your working place immediately turns into a cozy single bed. The sleeping area is supplied with a soft leather mattress that looks like a decorative furniture element when is folded.

To have a sleep, one only needs to turn the mattress in a horizontal position and slightly cast the table’s side-frame away.


This transforming table is really a prize for those who like sleeping in the workplace. And other employee can replace his tired colleague. The table is also great for a small room in a dormitory.

This is a prototype of the future product. To start producing it the designers need to make some overpatching. That’s what the author of this table Athanasia Leivaditou says. She called her product “1.6 S.M. of Life Desk”.

необычный стол

Construction is rather compact – 2 meters long, 80 centimeters high and 80 centimeters wide. The unfolded left side part serves as a head board, the right one – as a niche for a small TV-set or a storage place.


To make this conceptual model, the artist was inspired by her experience during studying and working in New York. After late lectures or before delivery of an important project she had so little time to get home. And her fellow students who hadn’t where to live nearby, stayed to sleep in the university, right on the chairs.

Athanasia considers that this table-bed will be perfect for those who need to deliver an urgent project but have no time for sleep and rest. Besides, according to the author, proximity to the working place doesn’t let the head to be switched off the workking process and mind will produce ideas even in its sleep.

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