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Chair-trunk, house-trunk, can-trunk. Do you travel with an ordinary trunk?

Often we see at the airport or at the station that our trunks and traveling bags look like twins. All of them are of the same shape, dull colors and standard models. Creative designers from all over the world work for hours to make these devoted traveller’s companions bright, unique and stylish.

Чемодан Crash Baggage

Crash Baggage

This traveling bag was specially made for those who’re concerned that something terrible is going to happen with their luggage. It seems that all irrevocable things had already happened with this trunk.

Чемодан River Island

River Island

A trunk is a stylish accessory for many travellers, especially for girls. Their requirements for selection of a trunk are as strict as for selection of an evening handbag. This glamorous trunk with the print and contrast trimmings is made for the most captious fashionable women.



Bo Christian Larsson creates trunks that look like houses. A house-trunk is the way to take a part of comfort and hearth with you, he says. Artist and architect Christian Larsson is a great lover of travels and antiques. It isn’t surprise that he found this kind of application of old thrown out trunks.

Чемодан Betani Deseo

Betani Deseo

Bright and cheerful appearance of this trunk is not its only positive quality. Its body is made of super-durable material. Special plastic bends when hit but always restore its initial shape. There are a lot of crush tests shown in the Internet. The trunks are trampled down and broken but they don’t care.

чемодан samsonite


This four-wheeledtrunk in a severe and laconic style is made of nylon. At first sight this appears to be good for men but not women. But appearance deceives. Its weight is not more than two kilograms and this means that ladies can easily put additional pair of shoes. They shouldn’t worry about luggage overweight.

Чемодан Snap Shot

Snap Shot

There are two types of travellers. Some travel with huge clumsy trunks, some like their luggage to be compact and small. Some don’t understand small traveling bags and how one can use it voluntarily. Inscription sounds like mockery – its owner simply doesn’t have what to wear!

Чемодан Hideo Wakamatsu

Hideo Wakamatsu

Trunks by Japanese brand Hideo Wakamatsu are made of highly technological water- and dirt-repellant materials. This speciment doesn’t look like its relatives and is made of simple plastic. But there is an exception – its sky-blue color.

Чемодан Rolling Knapsack

Rolling Knapsack

Often travellers spend much time in waiting-halls. But this chair-trunk allows you not being afraid of the lack of free sits – just unbutton a couple of buttons.

Чемодан Heys USA

Heys USA

This collection of trunks is the result of collaboration between American bags manufacturers and Brasilian artist Romero Britto. This pop-art style trunk will catch the eye of everybody.

Чемодан GaseCase


German company Ivorilla invented these trunks made of fuel cans. The container for fuel has turned into a stylish and bright traveller’s accessory. The trunk is equipped with all attributes of its relative – wheels, combination lock and telescopic handle. There is one disadvantage over this trunk – it is quite heavy as its body is made of steel.

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