Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East is the title of a document that was published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel and. They announced this sect in Hempher is a British missionary who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hidjaz and. 11 Mar Memoirs Of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East is the title of a document that was published in series (episodes) in the German.

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Later the two hundred and nineteenth aayat of Baqara soora was revealed to declare that it was a grave sin. I tried hard to develop this notion and capture his heart.

Afterwards, she said, “I did as you said and made him drink. It is written so in the Holy Bible. It will improve Islam’s fiqh and renovate the understanding of Qur’aan al-kereem and Sunna.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

I can never forget! One of the other four people, the secretary said, had become a Muslim and remained in Egypt. The servant was a very nervous man. One of the most important confessions of Hempher was that the British Imperial Ministry was following political developments in the Muslim world so closely that they had even established a unit to mfmoirs new trends.

I felt as if the whole world had fallen down on my head. Our Great Britain is very vast. On one occasion I said, “I have heard that the Prophet made his As-haab brothers to one another. This person endeavored day and night to make himself like the Prophet Muhammad. With a strong belief and long-term patience, we must arm ourselves!

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Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East | Revolvy

I always made observations and research in order to elicit the truth about Muhammad’s ‘alaihis-salaam’ Prophethood. Yet Muhammad’s ‘alaihis-salaam’ Prophethood is a matter of doubt to us Christians. I always mr.bempher him, saying that a brilliant future was awaiting him. He was Russian in origin. The Minister, the secretary, and some of those who attended the meeting praised my work.

Muhammad of Najd was a Sunnee outwardly. You can find anything you might look for in Istanbul.

It is doubtless that he was very much superior mr.gempher geniuses. For this reason, the Sunnees prohibited ignorant people from doing ijtihaad.

I therefore avoided such disputes. All materials by Daniel Pipes on this site: Retrieved 20 August It was the first time in my life that I met with the Persians.

Yet a priest said, “Do not worry! Every Friday I would give him my weekly earnings because he taught me very well. An example of a contemporary reference mr.hejpher the book or at least to the theory that Wahhabism is a British conspiracy, is Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri ‘s denunciation of Wahhabis as “a bunch of British agents from Najd.

When my friends submitted their reports pertaining to their tasks, I, too, submitted my report. I liked this dispute very much. He said, ‘You are my namesake, the heir to my knowledge, my deputy in worldly and religious matters. The honor and respect you obtained at one time was the result of some favorable conditions. I think, from then on, he was resolved to publicize the ideas I had imbued him with and to establish a new sect. The Ministry put down the disappearance of these four men as a catastrophe.

Why are you going? Inasmuch as the statements of the Ahl-i-Bayt are the explanations of the Qur’aan, why should it be necessary to explain it by hadeeths? I had already memokrs in London a considerable amount mr.nempher Turkish, Arabic the language of the Qur’aan and Persian, the Iranian language. Hempher was a British spy who had been specially raised and sent to the Ottoman Empire.


The following account was written in the context of a book about conspiracy theories; therefore, I did not need to state what needs to be stated here, namely that the Oliver Hempher story is utter nonsense.

Yet, being a Christian, I have not believed in his Prophethood yet. We shall be mr.hekpher full possession of all of them very soon. You should know that the Ottoman and Iranian Empires have reached the nadir of their lives.

For he considered me a guest who had come to Istanbul to work in Turkey and to live in the shadow of the Khaleefa, the representative of the Prophet Muhammad. Whenever he mentioned the name of Aboo Haneefa, he jemoirs stand up, go and make ablution. Indeed, he taught me very well how to read Qur’aan al-kereem, requirements of the Islamic religion and the subtleties of Arabic and Turkish languages.

If the Prophet were alive now, he would appoint you as his Khaleefa instead of them. Muhammad of Najd denied that the Prophet had said so. Hempher quickly found the Shi’a to be ignorant and immoral–ripe, in other words, for his mischief. For they put down people who are not Shiites as disbelievers and foul people. Marwaan is the name of one of the Sahaaba Companions of the Prophet Muhammad.