19 Apr MicroStrategy Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers & Professionals | Free Practice Test | Free Sample Resumes. 20 Sep Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended. 17 Sep Looking for MicroStrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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The object manager cannot be run from the command prompt directly whilst the project merge can be run directly Question Q11 What exactly do you know about the Microstrategy Microstrateyy View?

Microstrategy Interview Questions & Answers

It intervied important for deriving useful information or data for analyzing the same and deriving the most useful information to understand markets and competition. Report caches are shared in a cluster and Object caches on each MicroStrategy Intelligence Server node are synchronized.

How Are They Useful?

Microstrategy follows an algorithm to calculate the logical size of a table, which depends on the no of attributes and facts based on the table and also the position of those attributes in the system hierarchy. In addition, a standardized data dictionary for enterprise reporting and OLAP analysis is stored in a metadata repository and enables reusable reporting objects and business rules.

Absolute filtering raises the report filter to the level of the target, so all subcategories in the categories included on the report are added together. Column level security established by the imposing user specific access permissions in the database and having user specific connections.


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Top 42 Microstrategy Interview Questions & Answers

In Microstrategy, logical view is a table that you create by writing the SQL in Microstrategy instead of pulling it out from warehouse catalog. The logical size does not depend on the actual data no of rows in the database.

This is for column level security. Row level security is imposed by having user specific security filters for various records.

There are situations in which the fact is basically at a higher level than the level of the report. Some personalization options include the language choices and specific information criteria such as certain products. Client-side object caches will not be automatically be refreshed.

Data can come from any source accessible by Microstrategy 8, including the data warehouse, data marts, SAP BW, and any number of anf system databases Question Q22 With Microstrategy, is it possible for the users to update a record in the database? Q30 Name any one type of Fact extension which you find in the Microstrategy?

In addition to this, the users are free to make sure of effective reporting, auditing, visualization, data mining, enhancing production and avoiding financial barriers in a very easy manner through a tool. A custom group is a set of filters that can be placed on a template.


Please see the Web and Desktop version comparisons to ajd exactly which Web or Desktop version includes the desired functionality. The software is easy to use and provides context sensitive help, thus eliminating the need for extensive support and maintenance staff Question Each template contains a series of containers, or panel stacks, that enable users to quickly add components to each panel stack, such as: Microstrategy can calculate four of the primary data mining functions including network algorithm, regression algorithm, clustering algorithm and tree algorithm.

MicroStrategy interview questions and answers – Page 1

Set up the Enterprise Manager. There are some of the very important algorithms in the Business Intelligence and they all asnwers compatible with the Microstrategy. Select statistics and define the what you want to log. A customized interface using HTML can be created, simplifying navigation and report execution.

Within an hour, the installation and setup are completed Intrrview By editing the projectsources. View Filters are the conditions that come into play before a specific result is presented to the user. These are called pass-through functions because Microstrategy does not check the actual SQL construct and dumps it as is on the database.