30 Sep A friend forwarded some more interview questions regarding MicroStrategy, but this time with answers. I’ve not checked the answers. Enjoy. + Microstrategy Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How many types the microstrategy license can be bought? Question2: What is a joint child?. 11 May Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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Smart metrics is when the compound metric is calculated with the help of subtotal calculations for every element inside the compound metric.

A simple attribute is made up of one or more expressions. Composite keys are constituted of two or more columns which microstrategy interview questions and answers act as unique identifier.

MicroStrategy Web is designed to be stateless so that each individual MicroStrategy Web node microstrategy interview questions and answers function without the knowledge of the existence of other nodes. This can serve as the template or filter. Default to Metric Name. Select statistics and define the what you want to log Question However, in order to ease administration and to reduce the risk of unbalanced load across cluster nodes, it is recommended that all nodes use the same MicroStrategy Intelligence Server definition and that each machine shows identical characteristics i.

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server can execute multiple reports simultaneously. Here in a table the Primary Key uniquely identifies the other columns in the table and hence qualifies as child of all the other attributes from the table, in the same ways as a child in real world identifies his father at least the biological one.

Entire set of objects can be microstrategy interview questions and answers by imposing folder and object level security. Object Manager must locate the dependents of the copied objects and then determine their differences before performing the copy operation.

We can restrict the microstrategy interview questions and answers questioms elements in a prompt using a filter. While establishing relationship between attributes how microatrategy you decide which attribute qualifies as child and which one as parent? Object Manager must locate the dependents of the copied objects and then determine their differences before performing the copy operation.


On the other hand, ordinary cubes have more human intervention and they need to be created manually whenever the need of same is realized. Filter is used to restrict data in a report.

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What are the different formatting types? VLDB settings Question microstrategy interview questions and answers It makes the cache ineligible in the matching process so it is not used to fulfill a report request. The only technical requirements are that all MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers point to the same metadata and that all MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers have the same projects registered and in the same state i.

No, all the nodes in the same cluster must run against the same metadata. To handle this case in Microstrategy we make this set of columns, constituting composite keys, as joint child. What are the two types of Hierarchies? View Filters are the conditions that come into play before a specific result is presented to the user. Metric microstrategy interview questions and answers will still appear despite column width set to 0 when exported to Excel in MicroStrategy version 9.

A joint child is Microstrategy way of handling Interrview Keys. What does MicroStrategy Intelligence Server allow users to do?

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Each layout functions as a separate document, with its own grouping, page setup, and so on, but the layouts are generated into a single PDF document. The prompt is nothing but an attribute through which you can modify the contents of a report dynamically. The Cognos reporting can be considerably slow in performance than the microstrategy reporting.

Any advantage of using microstrategy interview questions and answers over the other? When copying objects across projects with Object Manager, if an object with the same ID as the source object exists anywhere in the destination project, a conflict occurs. When the fact is at a questiona level than the report display level, then you can use fact degradation attribute to state how the Engine degrades the data to the lower microstrategy interview questions and answers.


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The other cluster nodes will then update their local object caches. Microstrategy 8 can calculate four of the primary data mining functions including neural network algorithms, clustering algorithms, regression algorithms, and tree algorithms. It supports scorecards, interactive dashboards, ad hoc query, high formatted reports, xnswers. By microstrategy interview questions and answers, the paths available are based on the system Hierarchy of the project.

Invalidation is a preventive measure that renders a cache unusable by nullifying it.

Once this detection is made, MicroStrategy Web will automatically add all microstrategy interview questions and answers other members of the same cluster into the pool of available MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers.

This software also enables them to keep a close eye on the important tasks and remind them about the same Q14 Why dataset is to be preferred over the file set in Microstrategy according to you? Page microstrategy interview questions and answers enables to select and display subsets of report results as separate pages.

A report limit specifies a set of criteria used to restrict the data returned in the report data set after the report metrics are calculated. Use graphs that are supported by Microsoft Excel. The project merge is used for copying the entire project along with all the objects.

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Ansqers these Logical views are created, they are available to the report designer in a way similar to any microstrategy interview questions and answers table. The level of a metric, also referred to as dimensionality, allows you to determine the attribute level at which the metric is calculated. Each node in a MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 7.

Is Microstrategy Web “cluster-aware”?