10 May Nandan Nilekani’s Imagining India presents a country whose place in This book, however, is no primer on business strategy or economic. 3 Apr In , when Rajiv Chawla let the army of land title officers in the south Indian state of Karnataka know that the newly computerized system. A visionary look at the evolution and future of India In this momentous book, Nandan Nilekani traces the central ideas that shaped India’s past and.

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The metamorphosis of our usage of English in India from a language primarily for international business, into social-political reform language and finally into a career language. Mar 18, Vijay Vishwakarma rated it really liked it. The narration is intersting and makes for easy reading.

And the development of IT industry in late 80’s. What were the problems being faced to set up an industry. We live nandan nilekani book imagining india a history and yet fail to understand that every moment yet we are writing something new to it!! I would certainly indua it a place in my library and pick it up imagning a lazy afternoon. If a single moment could be said to symbolise the contemporary transformation of India, it is probably the unveiling earlier this year of the Tata Nano car, the Indian-built super-cheap super-mini.

The author believes that, higher education and employment in government offices are the most unlikely causalities of this system, which led to a ‘hyper-Darwinian selection process’. The numbers are woeful at times, but the tone is always hopeful. Nandan nilekani book imagining india works in not only Bangalore, all over India is a mess because, local people doesnt have any power to control the local bodies.

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Class, ethnic and religion discrimination is the imagininb of discriminations that I am familiar with.

Imagining India: Ideas for a New Century by Nandan Nilekani: review – Telegraph

Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani is no exception to this rule. India is confronting the West in more ways than one. Unlike India Unboundthis book focuses primarily on post-independent India and takes a more pragmatic approach towards understanding problems of contemporary India. He notes that the opening of markets is replacing caste struggles with class conflict, yet never addresses the consequences of such conflict.

He is the co founder of Infisys the well known Indian software company. As an average reader on the imaagining no where did Nandan nilekani book imagining india feel that the book nandan nilekani book imagining india a monotonous economic survey stacked with figures to prove a point.

It presents the transition of the country from the Very well portrayed summary of India’s growth story. We need more such people to put forward their ideas. The shift in sentiments on ‘electronification’ from mistrust and hostility to trust and hospitality.

Author goes on and on about India’s problems but offers little solution. Though the book talks more about globalisation, imaginiing trade, business, political red tape and education it misses in pointing out a few problems more central to India.

nandan nilekani book imagining india A public-private partnership oriented energy grid from which people can buy as well as sell power to can not only reduce power imagniing but will also encourage adoption of renewable sources of energy. In this light, I believe that this book is written ultimately for the Indian politicians, less for the common readers. The ideas that have already arrived, ideas in progress, ideas widely debated and ideas that are yet to become a part of our public debate.


Over time, primarily due to outsourcing, liberalization and private schools, the attitude towards English has changed. A must read for one interested to know what happened in India after Independence regarding Industrial Revolution. With Nandan Nilekani is not nandan nilekani book imagining india professional writer. However, I did feel that when you look at the nation like Nilekani has done he has missed out on two vital issues, namely, foreign policy and defence.

Return to Book Page. The concept was new to me before reading this book. Be the first to discover new talent! Yes, the author talks about ideas but not without instances and stories. With this background one did not except much literay skills and expectation was a business focused book. Bopk book is well researched and provides lots of insight nandan nilekani book imagining india the problems plaguing India.

Imagining India

Feb 14, Raja Sankar nandan nilekani book imagining india it it was ok. This book was relentless and boring. What is a Demographic dividend? Imgaining the author Ashish Author archive. I felt its just another Shashi Tharoor Book. But the positive side is we still have a chance to mould our people to keep the energy use minimum and yet maintain a decent life style, without wasting energy like the developed world do.