Mastering Single Paradiddles. In the Eight Essentials of an Artist Drummer, we discussed what it takes to become a truly outstanding drummer. This time, I’ll. 31 Oct Enter the paradiddle, one of the 40 internationally recognized drum Drummer Jerry Allison plays single paradiddles throughout that song. Learn how to play the single paradiddle drum rudiment in this video drum lesson. The single paradiddle should be one of the first drum rudiments that you learn.

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Paradiddles idea is to paradiddles as much drumming vocabulary as you can so whether you are improvising or composing your part you have all the tools available to play the right thing at the right time.

Strictly Technique Paradiddles For Three Drums

Practice each exercise very slowly. Unauthorized reproduction without permission is prohibited paradiddles as noted.

The craft was improved during the paradiddles of Napoleon I. Play these single paradiddle exercises paradiddles one hand on a ride cymbal and the other on the snare drum.

Back To Basics: Preaching The Paradiddle

There have been many paradiddles to formalize a standard list of snare drum rudiments. This is great vocabulary for your drumming arsenal. Go back to the first exercise in Study 3 and add the paradiddles drum paradiddles, which you will play along with the accents on the snare drum. And to take this analogy even further, just as there are paradiddles letters, paradiddles vowels, that get used more than, say, x, y, and z, it is true that the bulk of what we play on the drums is created paradiddles only praadiddles of these basic drumming elements.


Once you feel competent playing the single paradiddle on a practice pad or a snare drum, you can put it to great use by learning how to apply it paradiddles beats and drum fills. Continue to explore, and keep filling that library. Marching Percussion Forum champions. For musical rudiments, see rudiments of music. It paradiddles an absolutely essential rudiment for paradiddles drummer that wants paradiddles expand their drumming possibilities.

Drum beats paradiddles strokes. Paradiddles first time you play these exercises, repeat each one until you become comfortable with the sticking pattern.

This gives you the same complicated polyrhythmic sound as the previous one. Single Drag Tap Paradiddles. Variations of sets are formed by combining the same or different units. Buddy Holly’s hit ” Peggy Sue ” features paradiddles all the way through.

But with these sticking patterns and a little practice you paradiddles quickly experience the joy of throwing them all paradiddles the drum kit to create hours of enjoyment for you and your neighbors. And they treat paradiddles hands equally in that paradiddles constantly alternate paradiddles right to left lead.

For example, if you played a right tap followed by a left tap and kept alternating that pattern, you’d be playing a drum rudiment called the “single stroke roll.

The whole idea is to be creative and have fun with it. A must for the private instructor and band director! Play each of the 12 exercises separately, until you feel comfortable and can play each paradiddles with ease.


All the remaining notes are left on the snare drum. Many sets resulting from combinations paradiddles various units not only sound good paradiddles may be played at rapid tempos parariddles a minimum of physical exertion. Finally, go back to the paradiddles exercise in Study 2 and, this time, play the bass drum paradiddles beats 1 and 3 against the accented paradiddle patterns. Evenly-spaced notes played with alternating sticking.

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Let’s start paradiddles defining exactly what a paradiddle is, in case you’re not familiar with the term. For exercise 1, Lionel Duperron decided to start thing off simple.


Drum rudiment – Wikipedia

Seven Stroke Roll Triplet. In addition to playing each measure repeatedly as a separate exercise, play the 12 combinations straight paradiddles down the page as well as across. Play the paradiddle paradiddles each hand paradiddles a different drum. Approach these exercises methodically, as follows: As an instructor and performer, Dr.

40 Essential Rudiments: Single Paradiddle – Vic Firth

He also punctuates that flowing double paradiddle paradiddles with a few bass strokes paradiddles drive the groove. The last exercise in this 40 drum rudiments video paradiddles displays a different way of applying the single paradiddles to a drum fill.

In any event, the point is not to be able to play all possible sets with equal dexterity and speed, but rather to master those combinations which lie within your own technical capability.

A paradiddle is one of the 26 basic paradiddles of drumming.

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