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This project was initially conceived as a garden-bridge over the Thames in London, but later British designer Thomas Heatherwick offered to create a floating island with a park to float over the Hudson River in New York.


The Island called Pier55 has the area of 10 thousand square meters. It was conceived as a floating landscape with various objects and parks and is installed on mushroom-shape piles 56 meters high near the Hudson River’s bank.

Heatherwick Studio is developing the 130 million project together with landscape architect Mathews Nielsen. The larger part of this money will be endowed by media-magnate Barry Diller and his wife – fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.


The couple said that was going to invest 113 million dollars into the project. Thus, this has become the largest private donation in the history of New York.

The rest of money will be given by the governments of the state and the city. Besides, the state promised to create large public zone along the bank.


Located in the western part of the city, the Pier will become a part of 6-kilometer Hudson River Park.

«The Treasure Island» will feature amphitheater with 700 sits, conceived as a place for music, dance, theater and public events.


When I was little, I used to come to Manhattan to visit my great aunt who lived here and never forgot being driven down the West Side Highway and seeing the fields of disused pile heads sticking out of the river

All these years later, my studio and I are honoured to now be growing another set of river piles in the midst of these historic ones to hold up a new phenomenal public park


Nielsen says that the Pier55 won’t look like any pier on the Hudson River.

Original topography and spaces will bring physical, visual and cultural experiences that can’t found anywhere in the city, especially on the waterfront.

The drama and delight of the landscape will make this a magnificent destination that will define a new paradigm of public parks


The building is going to be built till 2016.

Its construction, maintenance and culural program will be controlled by the Pier55 Inc – new non-profit organization established by Diller and Von Furstenberg together with theatre and movie producer Scott Rudin.


We decided early on that the programming for the park – and the design of the park itself – should be ambitious in every way

If the pier when completed is anywhere as much sheer fun, strife, stimulation and joy as it has been conceptualising it, then it will exceed my wildest expectations

New York has always reminded me of Venice, so I am happy the time has come to properly honour its waterways


True, what can be better than a green park on the western bank of the river where you can just relax, enjoy the magnificent dawn or watch a bright performance?

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