How to enlarge the space visually

12 July 2016 |

Free space in the apartment is an important condition for creating homeliness. In our today’s material, read about visual enlarging of home space.

You don’t have to build a pompous palace. There are different ways of visual increasing the space, even in a very small room.

Как визуально расширить пространство

Create the illusion of a high ceiling. For visual increasing the ceiling, you can use glossy stretch variant with spotlights. Another way is using the construction of plasterboard structures on the ceiling. Recess in it should be painted in a darker color than the entire ceiling. This will significantly increase the room up. Use multilevel planning ceilings. For example, for visual increasing the height of the living room, ceilings in other rooms should be a bit lower. So you can create a feeling of airiness and space in the room. And finally, a rather extreme, but a win-win solution for creating the illusion of infinity is to “dress” the ceiling in the mirror.

Как визуальо увеличить пространство

Use optical illusions. There are techniques that can help your floors and walls look wider. For example, using broad band or coating “checkered” diagonally to the walls, you will visually expand the space of the room.

Как визуально увеличить пространство

So, remember: shared border colorful wallpaper reduce and narrow the room; plain wallpaper with vertical stripes make the room higher; a major figure on the wallpaper will narrow space; wallpaper with a fine pattern, as well as light-colored, visually increase the small room.

Как визуально увеличить пространство

Correctly play with color. If you want the space to be open, make sure that the ceiling, decorative details and pictures have brighter tones then walls. The white color is ideal for walls in the small room. Use light neutral tones. Dark rooms can be revived, if the least illuminated wall will be papered with the same color on the lighter shade. Remember that heavy dark curtains and roman blinds solid clutter the space.

Как визуально увеличить пространство

Designers recommend using light colors from pastel palette: pale pink, pale blue, pale green, beige. Avoid screaming and dark colors and contrasts. Don’t use large pictures on the walls.

Modular and hanging furniture. Avoid a huge amount of furniture in the small room. Use hanging and modular furniture. Transforming tables or beds, which can be quickly hidden behind the closet door, can solve the problem of an overloaded space. After all, the purer floor, the more space in the room.

Как визуально увеличить пространство

Among other secrets of visual increasing of space is worth remembering good lighting, which is able to pull out of the dark corners, large mirrors, glass panels and partitions.

Как визуально увеличить пространство

Other secrets are in the following articles of iDEASDESIGN!

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