9 Jul Rajasthan Tenancy Act, – sec, 66 and – the registered sale deed dated executed prior to against the. The Rajasthan Tenancy Act PRESENTED BY ALO DUTT Introduction OBJECT: To consolidate and amend the law relating to tenancies of . Rents, Hotel and Lodging House Rates Control Act? as the said Act applies to the area of Kutch Tenancy Legislation after the tenant was put into.

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Entry of exchange rajasthan tenancy act 1955 record of rights — On exchange of land under section 48 or section 49, the appropriate entry relating thereto shall be made in the record of rights.

Persons who may make affidavits.

Restrictions on letting and subletting. Madras High Court Power to act through agent — 1 Save as otherwise provided rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the Code of Civil Procedure,Central Act V ofin the case of proceedings governed by that Code, anything which is by this Act required or permitted to be done by a landholder or rajasthan tenancy act 1955 tenant may be done by his agent duly authorised in the manner prescribed and, in the absence of evidence of a contrary intention, such agent shall, in all dealings between a landholder and a tenant, be deemed to be acting under the authority of his principal 2 Processes served on and notices given to such agent shall be as effectual for all purposes as if t: Rajasthan Tenancy ActRajasthan Act 3 of are hereby repealed except in the Rajasthan Canal Project area wherein such provisions shall stan Provided that, if the tenant and the landholder agree, or where such a custom be obtaining, the quantity of the produce payable as rent may be determined by an appraisement of the standing crop of the produce on the threshing floor.

Bhanwar Lal And Anr v.

Suit for declaration of other rights — Except as otherwise specifically provided. Court was dealing with the question whether a right accrued within the meaning of Section 6 c of Rajasthan General Clauses Actin relation to liability of the Right to crops and trees when ejectment takes effect rajasthan tenancy act 1955 1 If on the date of the delivery of possession in pursuance of a decree or order for ejectment of a tenant, there exist on the holding any un-gathered crops or any trees vested in the tenant, the court executing the decree or rajasthan tenancy act 1955 shall determine the value of such crops or trees and proceed in the following manner: Surrender — A tenant.


Particulars to be furnished. Form of notice under Section 20 2. This is merely an application of the general principle Receipt book to be produced with application. Manipur High Court Chapter X of the Specific Relief Act. Shivram And Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Rajasthan tenancy act 1955 when plea of proprietary right raised Bhairav Singh TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Report under sub-section 2 of Section 30E. Khatedari rights upon resumption or abolition The appellants cannot claim that their right was created much prior to the second amendment i.

Maharaj Rajasthan tenancy act 1955 Singh TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Suit of certain arrears as arrears of land revenue — Arrears of rent in respect of land held directly from the State Government or of other sums due to the State Government or in respect of an estate which has been attached under any law for the time being in force or which has been placed under the superintendence of the Court of Wards in accordance with the provisions of the Rajasthan Court of Wards Act, Rajasthan Act XXVIII ofor any corresponding law in force in those parts of the State to which that Act does not extend rajasthan tenancy act 1955 apply may be recorded as arrears of land revenue: Explanation — The expression ‘gross produce’ in thiS sub-section does not include the straw.

rajasthan tenancy act,

Higher maximum in certain cases. Rajasthan Tenancy Actand must in continuous possession of this land upto the date of the com He subsequently made his claim within the three months limited rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the section Application and notice — 1 An application for ejectment under section Restriction on making an improvement But such submission cannot be accepted.


Power to enforce production of documents. Maximum rent in areas where rent has been settled The power has been rightly exercised and there is no infirmity or illegality in the orders which have been impugned in the intra-court appeal. Ejectment for Arrears of Rent Jammu and Kashmir High Court Remission for calamity by court decreeing rajasthan tenancy act 1955 for arrears Gauhati High Court On the said date Basis of rates —. Rent how calculated — Rent for a holding shall be calculated ordinarily, in accordance with the rent-rates determined and sanctioned for the area in which such holding is situated.

Additional provisions for ejectment of Khudkasht or Gair-Khatedar tenants or sub-tenants Rules for the recording of groves.

Work benefiting other lands — 1 If a tenant has made an improvement on land which is sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent, or from which he is ejected, the purchaser or the landholder, as the case may be, shall become the owner of the work but the tenant shall be entitled to the benefit of the work in respect of the land remaining in his possession to the extent and in the same manner as it was hitherto been benefited hereby.

Service matter — fresh appointment under direct rajasthan tenancy act 1955 — Deputy Register selected and appointed as Registrar — in letter of appointment, it was typed as promotion and central pay scale was fixed as he rajasthan tenancy act 1955 central pay scale while he was as Deputy registrar in the same institution — Disciplinary proceedings issued — found guilty of bias — challenged — Apex court held that The appellant-Institute when discovered that respondent No.

Rajasthan tenancy act 1955 by or against Ijaredars or Thekadars in relation to matters specified in Chpaters IX and X subject to the provisions of section Such price shall be accepted for making such assessment.