Meanwhile, he found that the Ryodoraku matching the “hand’s yo-mei large intestine meridian” also sometimes appeared in lung disease. Therefore, the. 17 Jun Background. Ryodoraku electroacupuncture (REA) uses a single needle inserted into a targeted body region or acupuncture point, after which. history of Ryodoraku treatment. Therefore, Ryodoraku treatment method is thought to be a new physical therapy which explained acupuncture scientifically and.

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REA has two components: We are inclined to believe that the epidermal electrical stimulation contributed to the effectiveness of blinding; however, it remains unknown whether blinding effectiveness would be diminished if no electrical stimulation were applied, and whether surface stimulation itself may be associated with potential therapeutic effects.

When adequate stimulation to the reactive electro-permeable point is given, an impulse is induced afferently via the sympathetic nerve and autonomic nerve regulation of the viscera occurs according to Mackenzie’s Counter-Concept. The current state of the art includes computerized measurement equipment and advanced statistical interpretation of results ryodotaku accurate treatment recommendations.

Some physiological studies have shown that electric energy has an effect 10, times greater than that ryovoraku mechanical energy.

A guide to Ryodoraku Therapy

Some notes concerning measurement. Two types of disposable, disinfected and non-commercially produced devices for real and sham needle insertion were created figure 1. However, many physicians feel that most adults fit well internationally into the chart. The statistical results may be seen in Table 1. InYosio Nakatani found a line, similar to the kidney meridian, ryodoeaku had a series of points in which electroconductivity was higher than the surrounding area, when he was trying to measure skin resistance in general for an edematous patient with nephritis.

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KOLMIO RYODORAKU – the modern device for the RYODORAKU method

Forgot your user name or password? The RANS nomogram is a useful diagnostic aid which ryodorsku also be used as a basis for Chinese or Western style medical treatment. The heart envelope meridian H 3 and the triple warmer H 5which are difficult to understand, were named vascular Ryodoraku and lymph Ryodoraku respectively.

Ryodoraku electroacupuncture REA uses a single needle inserted into a targeted body region or acupuncture point, after which a cathode conductor is placed in contact with the needle handle to introduce a direct current into the body, while the patient holds a cylindrical anode conductor.


Nakatani was the first person to measure the electrical activity of acupuncture points and the first to formulate diagnostic and treatment criteria from these measurements. Differences in pressure often change the measuring value; thus the amount of pressure should be the same on each point. Please inform your practitioner if you wear a pacemaker. Due to the preliminary nature of the project, only the sham device was used and a single experienced acupuncturist was involved.

The Japanese system of acupuncture. This phenomena is also seen in traditional Chinese medicine. Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; internally peer reviewed. The purpose of this website is to provide a centralized catalog of the research behind this valuable technique.

More info You can manage your cookie settings via your browser at any time. Register a new account? Log in using your username and password Ryodpraku personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts. The measurement value on an RRMP mainly represents the degree of perspiration.

What Are the Advantages of Ryodoraku?

Balancing fullness and emptiness on meridians is, after all, total functional adjustment. LU-H 1 is the point just medial to the thumb. Ethics approval The study protocol was approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee, Health Science Unit, Hong Kong Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied Association and all study procedures were performed in compliance with relevant laws and institutional guidelines in accordance with the ethical standards of the Declaration of Helsinki.

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Thus, a mean lines roughly can be drawn. This phenomenon can be observed often in hot weather, youth, or acute diseases. Through extensive research, Dr. It was also found that the Ryodoraku line corresponding to the large intestine sometimes appears in patients with lung illnesses, which supports the theory that a front-back, or yin-yang relationship between meridians exists. The present study has demonstrated that this novel sham REA needle device is an effective single-blind control with the presence of epidermal electrical stimulation, and thus may help determine the efficacy of REA in clinical trials.

With your body’s energy equilibrium restored, the outcome is better health and a reduction in pain. Using a hair-like needle supplied with a weak electric current, the out-of-balance ryodoten are brought into balance, calming the high-energy ryodoten and stimulating the low-energy ryodoten.

Then, one can draw two lines with a 1. Tranquilizer or sedative adjust the scattering temporally.

He carefully checked this phenomenon in 10 other patients with kidney disease and found it present in all, while it was never present in healthy subjects. By comparing the change values on your ryodoraku chart before and after each treatment, or from visit to visit, you can see how you are progressing. When HC-H 2 is higher, excitation or hyperstate the patients complain of upperback stiffness in seven out of ten rykdoraku.