SIHAH SITTA “Al-Sihah al-Sittah”, which is generally translated as “The Authentic Six”. They were first formally grouped and defined by Ibn al-Qaisarani in the. Sihah Sitta (صحاح ستہ) The Six Authentic Books of Hadith . K likes. Sihah Sitta (صحاح ستہ) The Six Authentic Books of Hadith‎. Mon, 29 Oct GMT sihah sitta the six authentic pdf. -. HilalPlaza. com carries both the Arabic and English versions of the major. Ahadith books.

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Sihqh are one or two other ahadith of this kind. Mu’ sihhah Brothers and Sisters. He was picked up and sent to Makkah, more dead than alive. They investigated each aspect of the saying or deed whether it was sittw conformity with the Quran or not, for it is inconceivable for a believer to assume that the Messenger of Allah saws would have done or said anything against the dictates of the Quran.

As he started traveling, he obtained Hadith in Balkh from Makki b. The other extreme declares their complete opposition and rejection of any and all ahaadiths, regardless of whether they are fabricated or not! Ordered according to legal topics, it has some ahadith counting the repetitions, but repetitions are, unlike Bukhari, few and far between.

Audio Recitation of the Sihah Sitta Hadith collections

It is the calling of a team of experts — and, therefore, one must not take any hadith to the level of a revealed text. So he decided to bring out a shorter version first and then perhaps, a longer one. Ibn Salah, have pointed out that when it is said that such and such a hadith is sahihit does not mean anything more than that it meets with the conditions set for a sahih ahadith. Their meeting must be historically proven.

Kutub al-Sittah – Wikipedia

But the laity is misled by this statement. Amongst the thousands of records kept through time, the works of six eminent, pious, and God-fearing scholars was accepted by the believers to be the most authentic amongst them; namely: If any hadith is directly against any established Sunnah of the Prophet sawsit sihan be rejected. According to the Cambridge History of Iran: Unlike Sahih al-Bukharithere are hadiths in Sahih Muslim concerning the sihan of Ahl al-Bayt a and the endorsement of some Shiite beliefs and rulings, including:.

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Ibn Hajr has defended Bukhari, offering sittaa details concerning every hadith that has been questioned. The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality. The author of Sunan Abi Dawud is Sulayman b. Generally he selects a hadith which is narrated by the first-level narrator. Views Read View source View history. In his book, al-Mawdu’at fabricated hadithsIbn al-Jawzi has mentioned some fabricated hadiths in this book.

For example, the Hadith of Madinat al-‘Ilm which is cited in Jami’ al-usul by reference to Sunan al-Tirmidhi cannot ditta found in the present version of al-Tirmidhi’s book. Pages with editorial box Articles with quality and priority assessment B grade priority articles Sittq grade quality articles B grade priority and c grade quality articles Articles with appropriate links Articles that do not need photo Articles with category Articles that do not need infobox Articles with navbox Articles with redirects Articles without references.

He had a powerful memory, which, according to some was more powerful than sihay of Imam Muslim. Those days the Khawarij were dominating everywhere in the Syrian region, and had become a true nuisance. Not all Sunni Muslim jurisprudence scholars agree on the addition of Ibn Majah.

Retrieved from ” http: Views Read Edit View history. Shia The Four Books. India has the honor of producing two commentaries that run into multiple volumes.

He insists that each narrator of the chain should have physically met with the one before and the one coming later. Thus, the book is not considered as reliable by Wahhabis and advocates of Ibn Taymiyya. Should we believe that they are completely devoid of any human errors?


He placed them under various themes, subjects and chapters such as: Bukhari in fact is the most difficult of all. For every aspect of guidance, emaan, belief, faith, aqeedah, tawheed, shirk, etc. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright.

Mu’in, and they confirmed the reliability of all of its hadiths, except 4 hadiths.

Anas ‘ al-Muwatta’ in al-Sihah al-Sitta, instead. One extreme declares belief sijah each and every hadith of the Prophet sawswithout confirming whether the hadith is authentic or not!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Muslim does not consider historically proven meeting between the narrators as an essential condition. In one of the sessions of Is-haq b.

The Sunan sihta Ibn Majah. The only Book in existence which is devoid of absolutely any errors, mistakes, contradictions, etc. Uyun al Akhbar ar Reda.

It is said that he offered his collection to Ahmad b. He witta returning from Egypt and broke his journey in Dimashq. For them, Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are more reliable than the other sitta. It involves issues of beliefs and fiqh jurisprudence. This is the only collection in which the status of the ahadith has been mentioned by the compiler himself e.

Your brother and well wisher in Islam. There are other collections, like Sahih ibn HibbanSahih ibn abi HatimSahih ibn Khyzaymahor Mustadrak of Hakim, which contain Sahih ahadithalthough, like the Sihah Sittahthey too contain reports that have been graded variously below Sahih.