+ Sybase Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do I tell which tables have Search and apply jobs on Sybase including Sybase DBA, Sybase . Sybase DBA Interview Questions. Will it hit the server restart and how? Answer 7 Yes it will impact. SBT can also perform object level recovery. ~ Question 7. Sybase Interview Questions and Answers. Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview?.

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The following system procedures are used to manage aliases: Reduce the number of concurrent calls to stored procedure. You usually wind up with fewer indexes per table, so data modification commands are faster.

In dbs other cases, use either datapages or allpages locking. After load, truncate the above table in loaded database and bcp in the table with backup which sybase dba interview questions and answers have taken before starting load database.

This is Sybase TS method of removing most activity from the master device: A collection of SQL statements and optional control-of-flow statements stored. What are different types of triggers?

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Sybase Blog -Anything About Sybase ASE,REP,IQ.

Why we require reorg? Dilip Voora 18 March at Explain Different Types Of Constraints? With this performance increases.

A transaction T1 is defined sybzse a procedure X. What information we can replicate? It has been noticed that for some calls procedure takes longer time for different set of parameters. How do I remove duplicate rows from a table in Sybase?

The primary database is not affected. We having a 4k page size server, what can be possible pool size in the server?

What is Sybase IQ? If a database has only single-field primary keys, it is automatically in Second normal form. Users can grant or revoke from public group. Can we include one sql proc which exceute during login and how can we do that?

What is the error classes in replication server? On what platforms is ASA supported?

Sybase/Unix Repository: Sybase DBA interview questions/Answers

How to change configure the values? How to add dump device for any database? Check the indexes are on proper columns. A global index — spans all data partitions in a table. In my opinion, these are in order of importance: Looking for a sybase dba interview questions and answers opportunity in Sybase?


If you want to get a Sybase certification or get a more recent one will they pay for this? A master device failure has occurred which requires the creation of a new master device.

Sybase Interview Questions & Answers

If no binding is specified, or the binding is to the group, then a. Clustered Indexes dictate the physical order of data. Indeed the hash value interveiw in syslogins. Sateesh I want to insert image into image field.