On a state visit to Moscow, Billie Bradford, the beautiful and brilliant wife of the President of the United States, is abducted by the Soviets and replaced by Vera. The Second Lady [Irving Wallace] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read The Second Lady by Irving Wallace by Irving Wallace by Irving Wallace for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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The First Lady’s teh secretary and her biographer begin to get suspicious, and relay their concerns to the President, but he wants to hear nothing of it- he almost fires the biographer for his ridiculous trepidations. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this book was well written – it was rather choppy a few times, and really some of the events were too out there to make it wllace. And today, tje Russia and America are at it again,unfriending each other over Crimea, this book makes it seem like nothing has actually changed in the world.

La historia de una persona que prepara y se hace diversas operaciones para ser exactamente igual a la 1ra dama Maybe it is not ‘cool’ to say that you like Irving Wallace and such these days, you got to be snooty and like authors like to be with it.

Read more Read less. Giliran gajian mau beli, buku sudah out of stock. Wallace published 33 books during his lifetime. He is considered one of the five most widely read authors of modern times. Solomon’s Treasure – Book 2.


By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The Second Lady is no exception. Get to Know Us. Buy and find out. I love how he begins with different characters in scattered parts of the world who seem to have no connection with each other.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Of course, at the end wqllace DON’T know what the final outcome is. If suppose in future, I became a movie director, i’ll definitely make I can’t believe that this book received so less ratings. Ceritanya tentang penculikan Ibu Negara Amerika saat kunjungan ke Rusia dan tak ada satupun pihak Amerika yg menyadari karena Ibu Negara sudah digantikan oleh seseorang yang dibuat sangat mirip dengan yg asli.

The Second Lady

rhe While you realize that chances are something like this would never happen, still you turn the pages quickly so as to figure out how this could possibly end. But one false move–whether before TV cameras or in the White House bedroom–can destroy the entire masquerade. I was infact, WTF!

Have been rereading this roller coaster of a ride book, The Second Lady since its first appearance in the Bookseller list.

This was my second time reading this and although I still thoroughly enjoyed it, I found the language a little dated. The Iscariot Agenda Revised Edition. Sorry for the not positive review.

Oct 12, Delia Aguipo rated it it was amazing.


THE SECOND LADY by Irving Wallace | Kirkus Reviews

Sudah agak lama sih bacanya jadi agak susah buat reviewnya. Not surprising since this book was written some 30 years ago! She is seated between a stranger and another best friend of hers, and greets the stranger as her friend.

She says she can’t wait to meet a friend of hers again, not knowing that the friend has passed away. General Ivan Petrov, the Director of KGB, discovers an actress Vera Vavilova who is almost a copy of Billie Bradford and thus hatches a plan so bold, if discovered it could rattle the very foundations of world peace. A summit is to be held to determine a proposed treaty.

– Over , of the Best Audiobooks & Original Content

It was written inso you can’t read it with an internet age mindset. Jan 03, Meri rated it really liked it Shelves: The ending is some what like the story ‘Lady and the Tiger’ which was also mentioned in the book itself.

Bring in a ringer to replace the First Lady. The Second Lady by Irving Wallace. Her assignment is to seduce the President and learn the secret that will give the USSR the edge to win irvint over Africa and the vast stores of uranium.