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Twenty kilometers from Nairobi (Kenya) there is one of the most original and amazing hotels in the world – Giraffe Manor 5*. In 1932, true hunter David Duncan decided to build a hunting lodge in this place. The building lived up to the present in its initial look.

This typical example of English architecture on 5 hectares surrounded by massive forest. Now this is a mega-popular hotel with one unique feature: the main inhabitants of the hotel are giraffes.

Giraffe Manor hotel is a perfect place for those who like communicating with animals. Giraffes are true masters of the hotel; they freely walk around the territory and regularly look through the windows to communicate with guests. So you can easily share your food with these wonderful animals while eating your breakfast and take some photo with them. Or you can even be waked in the early morning because this pretty creature looks into your room.

5-star Giraffe Manor hotel is a wonderful combination of classic and modern design. The main building has 2 floors that are connected with each other by luxurious staircase. The hotel has ten fashionable rooms made in colonial style, with magnificent bathrooms.

The territory of the hotel is also rich with other animals. You can see hyenas, antelopes and about two thousand types of birds.

портрет жирафа в гостиничном номере
морда жирафа кровать в гостиничном номере люди за обеденным столом и жираф через окно холл гостиницы стол на террасе обеденный стол жираф винтовая лестница в гостиничном номере фасад гостиницы жираф и ребенок два жирафа

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