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Christmas is the time of miracles and winter fairy tale with snowy trees, stags and wishes making. To feel true festive mood visit an ideal place for this – the Santa Claus village of Joulupukki village.
It is located in Finnish province Lapland.


Each year thousands of tourists rush to the residence of Santa Claus to personally whisper their secret wishes to the ear of Christmas grandpa. People believe in a fairy tale here, no matter what the status or age is.


According to the tradition, Santa Claus or Joulupukki lives in Lapland on the Korvatunturi Mountain. This is a northern part of Finland, which is within the Polar circle. Since 1927, this place was named the official residence of Santa. He has a wife Muori who is a personification of winter, as well as gnomes who help him all year around.


The most crowded days are New Year holidays as Santa receives more than 500 thousand letters each year and each of them needs to be replied and accompanied by a gift. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer helps Santa to deliver the gifs to people.


The first Santa’s residence was built in 1992. The place quickly became extremely popular so it was decided to make reconstruction and enlarge it four times. Today the area of the main Joulupukki’s office makes up 723 square meters.


The residence is called the Santa Park. It is located inside the rock so the visitors mustn’t be afraid of cold and wind. The residence works twenty-four-seven but naturally attracts the largest amount of visitors in the New Year holidays. Splendid architecture and illumination make this place really magical and loved. In addition, the residence’s infrastructure was properly considered so everybody will find an occupation for himself.


For instance, in Elf School you can study the oldest secrets of the Elves and get a Diploma. In Elf Workshop you’ll be offered to create your own Christmas tree toy.


Those who are hungry are invited to the gingerbread bakery. There you can easily cook some delicacies after Missis Claus secret receipts and taste wonderful home-made wine with flavored spices or kid’s grog.


Spray your energy and take a ride on the Seasons’ train or get entertained on the Angry Birds playground.


Those who like cold must visit Ice Princess who lives in the Ice Gallery. There you can look at the chunks ice used to cut out specimens of Finnish flora and fauna. And don‘t forget to taste some hot drinks in the ice bar.


As geographically the village is located in the unique place, within the Polar circle, you can cross it also in a unique way – 50 meters under the ground. The brave hearts are awarded with a Certificate of underground crossing of the Polar circle.


The most popular place in the village is naturally the office of Santa Claus. All who wish to inform Christmas grandpa about their wishes and dreams go right to the office. But don’t be upset if you failed to get there as Santa’s mail functions without failing. You can always send letter at the following address.



96930 Arctic Circle



The Santa Claus village is not a simple entertainment park created by people. Gorgeous Finnish nature plays in harmony with fairy houses.


The snowy woods turn this place into a miraculous and unmatched center of winter happiness, where you can sled, drive hovercrafts or ride a deer. And recall your childhood that never ends at this place.

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