A-E, Request for Examination. 6/1/ PDF. kb. 5-E, USMEPCOM Time and Attendance Record Sheet. 12/12/ PDF. 19 kb. 1 Feb The USMEPCOM Form A-E is the first and most important document completion procedures can be found on A-E Instructions. 12 Sep This issuance prescribes the USMEPCOM Form (UMF) A-E, *This regulation supersedes USMEPCOM Regulation , May 2,

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If Medical Insurer Name provided, a complete address is requested. Box E.

Get the free 680 3a e form 2015-2018

Florida State University College of Law. Uzmepcom – Enter an X if the applicant is taking a retest 1- month retest 1 month after 1 st retest based on calendar days. The DoD ‘Blanket Routine Uses’ set forth at the usme;com of the Army’s compilation of systems of records notices also apply to this system. Box 7 Amsterdam, NY Fax: Baccalaureate K A baccalaureate degree from an accredited traditional or online post-secondary institution.

An additional interview given by MEPS personnel before the administration of the active duty oath of enlistment to enlistees being discharged from the DEP to access. Students who do not meet one or more of the above requirements may be admitted as non-degree seeking. The maximum number of weighted exams a MEPS can perform in the standard workday given its medical staffing and facilities.

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Services – If yes, enter applicant s valid driver s license number list state, number, and expiration date as 608 by the Driver s License Bureau. High School Senior S An individual attending high school as a senior.

Please list ussmepcom order of preference which school of nursing you. Services – Enter the name of the applicant s current medical insurance company.

Services – Enter an X if the applicant is taking a 1-month retest retest 1 month after initial test based on calendar days. Explanation of abbreviations and terms. Services – Enter an X if the applicant is required to take a special purpose test. MEPS Have the applicant sign their legal signature reference paragraph 1 General above in this block only when the e-security application is not available.

Master’s Degree N A master s degree from an accredited traditional or online post-secondary institution.

In addition ysmepcom those disclosures generally permitted under 5 U. To determine qualifications of applicants for the Armed Forces through aptitude testing, medical examination, identity verification, background screening, and administrative processing. The Continuing Education Specialist. A method of calculating medical section workload at a MEPS in terms of male and female physical examinations.

Recruit Application Applicant Name: If none, sign your complete name to affirm that you have no current medical provider: Listed below is the required admissions material for students to.



A term applied to an individual found not qualified for military service due to a current, remedial medical condition whose condition will be reevaluated at a later date. TA pulling high school test will enter nine 0s.

UndergradUate application for admission Personal Data Mr. Records will also be used uxmepcom determine patterns and trends in the military population, and for statistical analyses. Legal Alien Usmepckm To Work. Mission Statement More information. A standard listing of square footage requirements used to determine the amount of space a MEPS requires. Services – Enter an X if the applicant is required to undergo a medical re-examination.

Please answer all questions. Previously undisclosed or concealed information obtained from an applicant during military entrance processing station MEPS processing that may have a bearing on the enlistment qualifications of the applicant.