A forest cube-house in Ukraine

23 November 2015 |

Ukrainian architects continue to impress with their talent and irrepressible imagination. Our editor’s staff is truly impressed with amazing architecture and interior of a residential cube-shaped house situated near Kiev, Ukraine.

The authors of this design-project are architects of the Kiev-based studio Yakusha Design. The house with the area of 200 sq.m. was built in pine forest in one of the suburbs of Kiev.

The residence was designed to accomodate the family of five including three kids. One of the main customers’ wishes was to preserve all plants on the plot.

архитектура частного дома

From the outside the house really resembles a huge white cube hidden among thick pine woods. Despite visible simplicity, the exterior of the mansion is extremely attractive. When you look at it, you realize – this is what is called the perfect place for living.

The design of the house is smart and convenient. The whole interior literally breathes with nature – the architects managed to harmoniously integrate the atmosphere of the surrounding forest into the living space.

The central part of the house is a living room. It is connected with a kitchen into a single opened space. The first floor contains kids’ bedrooms that are located to allow mother who bustles about the kitchen or relaxes in the living room looking after the kids in their rooms. There is also a home office on the same level.

дизайн гостиной частного дома

The living room feels spacious due to the huge bay window facing the forest. Spaciousness and light – snowy walls and ceiling. This monochrome palette is diluted by bright interior elements: an interesting dining table with emerald countertop, two-colored chairs, elegant lamps in the form of the openwork hats and home plants on stylish wooden stands. The floor made of light wood adds extreme coziness and the notes of homely warmness to the entire space.

A large leather sofa has been perfectly supplemented with decorative cushions with Ukrainian ornament and two stumps serving as a coffee table. By the way, application of natural materials in finish and interior objects was the main principle of the project.

лестница в интерьере загородного дома

интерьер столовой частного дома

интерьер кухни в частном доме

декор частного дома

A console wooden staircase with wide steps leading to the first floor also looks light, like the entire atmosphere of the house.

In a spacious boys’ room the beds are in wooden podiums that allows enlarging the space. The girl’s room features a nest-shaped seeping place – the bed was produced at Ukrainian factory according to the designers’ sketches. There is also a game zone for the kids on the ground floor. The color solution of the spaces was made in spring blooming themes with bright flower accents.

необычный интерьер детской комнаты

интерьер детской в частном доме\

The adults’ bedroom is decorated in the dark color palette, in minimalistic style. This coldness is diluted by wooden elements of the interior. To avoid cluttering a small space, the designers arranged a dressing-room behind one of the hidden doors.

спальня в интерьере частного дома

The kitchen and bathrooms are also made in simple and elegant style. All objects are at their places and look extremely stylish and compact.

интерьер ванной частного дома

красивый интерьер частного дома

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