Decorating office for Christmas: 35 beautiful tips

8 December 2015 |

Office is a face of any company. Beautiful Christmas decor will add some miracle to the labor atmosphere, improve mood of colleagues and clients. Our advices and photo-ideas will help you find proper decor for your office.

First of all consider decorating the entry zone or the reception area. If the entry to the office is outside, start from the porch. Install firs at the doors, embellish railing with fir twigs, lighting garlands and balls in corporate colors.

новогоднее оформления офиса

декор новый год в офисе

The reception area can be decorated with a small fir or a composition, a fir garland embellished with ribbons, lanterns and balls. The entire decor should be stylish, low-key, two or three colored and in a single style.

новогоднее декорирование офиса

новогодний дизайн офиса

новогодний дизайн интерьера офиса

Of course, no festive interior can be without a fir. If your office is large, install a big tree. Decorate it with ribbons, beads, bows, balls and garlands. If your office space is restricted, you can place a small fir on the table at the center of it.

You can always step away from a classic variant and decorate your office with a unique Christmas beauty, for instance, made of books or your company’s products. Or simply replace it with some beautilful flower enbellished with Christmas decor.

новогоднее украшение офиса

The ceilings look beautiful and original decorated with Christmas attributes. But they should match with the entire Christmas stylistics. Use ribbons, beads, streamers in a single color palette, hang balls, snowflakes, and small gift boxes.

как украсить офис к новому году

Pay attention to the tables as well. Decorate them with a beautilful Christmas composition. For instance, put some balls into a glass bowl, embellish it with a fir twig, candies or tangerines.

новогодний декор офиса

новогоднее украшение офиса

Just keep in mind, that all decorations should be in a single style. Our photos will help you make your choice for office Christmas decor.

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