From beast to the beauty: new life for an old garage

1 June 2016 |

40 square meters of cozy apartment – the best way to show, how to make a luxury house from an old abandoned garage.

If you have an abandoned barn, shed or garage, don’t hurry up to ruin it. Let us show, how easily the French designer made an unnecessary space into a cozy living space.

интерьер маленькой квартиры

When the photographer Jeremy Buholtts (Jeremie Buchholtz) was looking for a place to live in Bordeaux (France), he found the old garage in the city center. To change uninhabitable premises into the apartment, Jeremy turned to the architects from Fabre/deMarien studio.

The architects have made an estimate, and it turned out that the overhaul of the garage was much more profitable than to purchase an apartment in the area. All finishing and repair work took the architects 6 months. Designers have transformed the garage into the original cozy accommodation, which is as comfortable as the standard living space in an apartment building.

как из гаража сделать квартиру

From the outside the garage finished with planks of pine – cost durable material. Wooden panels, equipped with a sliding mechanism, lockable apartment and hide from the eyes of passers-by.

At the entrance, in the hall area, the designers have equipped the patio with a wooden floor. There is a table and two folding beach chairs in white.

интерьер маленькой квартиры фото

Because the garage has neither light nor water, the architects made all the necessary communications. A space is divided into zones.

Near the front door there is a kitchen with all necessary appliances and a dining area. Large table accommodates a company of six people.

The central part of the garage put under a wooden structure in the form of a cube area of ​​10 square meters. There is a shower, toilet, bathroom, dressing room and a washing machine.

малогабаритное жилье

There is a sleeping place on the cube. There is a storage space for books and clothes underneath the stairs. To make the space lighter the ceiling has a big window.

On the right side of the cube there is a guest area with a sofa. There is a spacious work area next to it, which housed all the necessary office equipment.

The left side of the door, from the kitchen window, opens separately. But if you close all the windows and the garage door, the apartment is completely hidden from prying eyes. At first glance, you do not understand that these wood paneling is a stylish and comfortable accommodation

маленькое жилье

маленькое жилье фото

малогабаритное жилье фото

дизайн маленькой ванной

дизайн маленькой квартиры

дизайн спальни квартира из гаража


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